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Environmentally friendly design of bottom bin type asphalt mixing plant - 28 Sep 2019 09:00



Today, many asphalt mixing plants are green products, and the bottom tank type asphalt mixing plant is a representative one. Whether it is structural design or technical treatment, energy conservation and environmental protection are the basic principles.

The bottom bin type asphalt mixing plant adopts the first-class bag dust removal plus two-stage inertial dust collector system, as well as the dust-proof negative pressure building design, which can effectively control the dust emission and play a good role in energy saving and emission reduction.

At the same time, based on international environmental standards, the equipment is not only achieved in terms of dust emissions, but also in acid emissions and noise control.

Moreover, its unique blade mixing system design and special power drive mode make the mixing more reliable and safe; the modular design helps to improve the boundary of equipment installation and handling; and the finished silo with bottom and symmetrical structure, It can effectively save the use area and reduce the failure rate of the equipment. - Comments: 0

What kinds of raw materials can be made using asphalt mixing plant? - 25 Sep 2019 09:01



At present, many areas need to maintain and construct roads, railways, etc., and in this process, a large amount of asphalt raw materials are needed. In order to ensure the supply of asphalt, asphalt mixing plant can be used to process and produce asphalt raw materials. It can provide people with sufficient asphalt raw materials on time.

Although asphalt is used in many places in life, there is not much understanding of this material. In fact, there are many classifications of asphalt raw materials, and different asphalts can be used in different places.

Then, the asphalt mixing plant can complete the production of several kinds of asphalt raw materials. Now the coal tar pitch used by people can directly complete the production process through the equipment. The color of the coal tar pitch is different from the ordinary asphalt, and the surface is black. Asphalt is sensitive to temperature changes, so pay attention to the environment when using coal tar pitch. When the asphalt is heated at high temperature, it will release pungent odor. Therefore, pay attention to temperature control during production and heating.

Petroleum asphalt is also a relatively common raw material. This kind of asphalt can also be processed by using asphalt mixing plant. Although petroleum asphalt is also black, this black and coal tar pitch is different. The black of petroleum asphalt is more lustrous. Moreover, the tolerance to temperature is relatively strong, and it is not easy to change when encountering the same high temperature conditions, but the odor emitted by asphalt is something that people need to pay attention to because the asphalt contains some toxic substances which are not good for human health.

When the asphalt is produced by the asphalt mixing plant, the raw materials can be added in combination with the use requirements, and the processing flow can be completed according to the correct operation method of the equipment. - Comments: 0

How asphalt mixing plants work - 22 Sep 2019 09:00



How asphalt mixing plants work
Asphalt, a kind of high-viscosity organic liquid, has a black surface and is soluble in carbon disulfide (a golden odorous liquid).

They will often exist in the form of asphalt or tar.

Asphalt can be mainly divided into three types: coal tar pitch, petroleum asphalt and natural asphalt: among them, coal tar pitch is a by-product of coking.

Petroleum asphalt is the residue after distillation of crude oil.

Natural asphalt is stored underground, and some form a mineral deposit or accumulate on the surface of the earth's crust.

Asphalt-type bitumen is obtained by fractional distillation of crude oil. They have the highest boiling point in crude oil and the heaviest substance in crude oil, so they are found at the bottom of the fractionation column.

The bituminous form of bitumen is a substance obtained by subjecting an organic substance (mostly coal) to a dry distillation process.

Asphalt will be used in buildings, such as paving roads.

The paved roads of asphalt and gravel are called asphalt roads. - Comments: 0

What are the common hardware failures in asphalt mixing plants? - 19 Sep 2019 09:00



Asphalt mixing station is a professional equipment with complex systems. It is inevitable that some problems will occur during the use.

So, what are the common hardware failures in asphalt mixing plants, do you know?

(1) Due to the complexity of the system, when different components have problems, the problems may be different.

If during the operation, it is found that the loading of each silo is not accurate, this problem may be caused by the failure of the sensor of the asphalt mixing station. At this time, stop the inspection and replace the new sensor if necessary.

It may also be caused by the seizure of the scale, and the foreign matter should be removed in time.

(B) There is a more common problem, that is, the cold feed device does not work properly.

In this case, there may be multiple reasons. First of all, we may analyze that it may be because the gravel or debris is stuck under the cold material belt. Please do it in time.

It may also be caused by a circuit failure. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the motor control inverter of the asphalt mixing station is abnormal, and whether the line link is normal or not.

There may also be belt slippage and deviation caused by the deviation. For this kind of problem, re-adjust the belt tightness.

(3) There is an abnormal sound during the operation.

Normally, this noise is emitted by the mixer, indicating a problem with the mixer.

This kind of problem may be caused by the instantaneous overload operation, which causes the fixed position of the drive motor to be misaligned. It may also be that the fixed bearing of the equipment is seriously worn and needs to be replaced or repaired.

If the inspection finds that the mixer arm and other parts are seriously worn, it must be replaced in time to avoid affecting the production work.

If the mixer discharge temperature of the asphalt mixing station is not normal, check the cleaning device for any abnormality and keep the temperature sensor clean.

The above is the common hardware failure problem in the operation of asphalt mixing plant. I hope that after learning, we can avoid these problems in the production process and ensure the work efficiency. - Comments: 0

How to determine the material of asphalt mixing plant - 16 Sep 2019 09:00



Determining the material is a necessary stage in the design process of the asphalt mixing plant, and it is also one of the most critical steps, because the material will directly affect the use effect and service life of the entire equipment.

Generally, when we determine the material of the machine, we usually rely on the characteristics of the working medium.

If there are no special requirements, similar mixing equipment is made of carbon steel, which can be applied to most working conditions, as long as the temperature is not higher than 350 ° C, and the price is relatively low.

However, this material cannot be used in asphalt mixing plants. Asphalt is a very good temperature material, it does not meet the high temperature resistance, and the corrosion resistance of carbon steel is poor.

In view of the above requirements, a stainless steel asphalt mixer or a beryllium glass material can be used.

However, no matter which one, there is a finer material classification, so the specific model should be determined according to its own mixing conditions, stirring temperature and corrosiveness. - Comments: 0

How to improve the production efficiency of asphalt mixing plants? - 13 Sep 2019 09:00



So far, asphalt mixing plants have been developed in China for a long period of time. As a result, they have accumulated rich production experience and matured in technology.

In fact, we can also intuitively see that the low production efficiency has gradually evolved into a development feature of high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Let's take a look at the specific content below.

As can be seen from the above, the asphalt mixing plant market has undergone many changes in China, and with the development of the economy and the passage of time, the market for vortex air pump products is also heating up.

However, when we build a station, how can we ensure high production efficiency? Next, let's discuss the issues in this area.

In fact, there are three aspects that have a large impact on the production efficiency of the mixing station.

The first aspect is the timing of the feed.

Therefore, if you want to improve the production efficiency of the asphalt mixing station, the user needs to regularly check the butterfly valve and related electrical components during the operation to ensure the normal operation of the whole system and ensure the smooth connection between the powder hopper and the mixer. To ensure the normal feeding time.

Secondly, the user should also pay attention to check the integrity of the blade liner inside the mixer, the location of the raw material delivery, and the delivery time period to ensure a suitable mixing time.

In addition, the third problem is that the user should pay attention to ensure proper discharge time during the operation.

In addition, it is recommended that you prepare enough transport vehicles according to the production capacity and transportation distance of the asphalt mixing station to ensure timely transportation, so as not to affect the progress of the project.

Finally, the staff also needs to maintain and manage the asphalt mixing plant equipment frequently, so that the equipment is in the best working condition. In the daily maintenance, the existing safety hazards are checked and eliminated to ensure the asphalt mixing station works safely and efficiently. - Comments: 0

What are the main types of asphalt mixing plant that are common nowadays? - 10 Sep 2019 09:00



In many places, a large amount of asphalt raw materials are needed in the process of construction. The application of asphalt raw materials can make the road construction smoother, and it is also one of the indispensable raw materials in these work processes.

In addition, the application of asphalt raw materials in the construction of railways and airports is also very important. In order to produce high-quality asphalt, professional equipment is required to complete the processing of raw materials.

asphalt mixing plant can complete the production of a variety of asphalt materials, the application method of the equipment is simple, and the production standard can be achieved. Therefore, in recent years, the application of such equipment has begun to attract the attention of many manufacturers.

So what are the main types of asphalt mixing plant that are common nowadays? Many of the equipments selected by the manufacturers are made by roller design, and this equipment belongs to the category of mobile double drum series. The design concept of this equipment It is relatively new and unique, so users can quickly distinguish them from other products when purchasing equipment. In the process of installing and using equipment, the application cost can be effectively reduced. Therefore, using this equipment to make asphalt can save more manufacturers. After the introduction, the application rate of this asphalt mixer is also increasing.

During the purchase of asphalt mixing plant, the application of mobile forced equipment is also very extensive. This equipment is manufactured by the overall design method. Therefore, in the process of asphalt processing through equipment, the processing efficiency can be effectively improved, and the raw materials can be fully mixed. The quality of the finished asphalt is guaranteed. This equipment is suitable for use in places where asphalt materials are required to be high. Users must select the equipment in combination with actual application requirements. - Comments: 0

Asphalt mixing station brings convenience to people - 07 Sep 2019 09:01



The asphalt mixing station brings convenience to people. Why do you say this? Because everyone knows that if you want to use asphalt, it is better to use it. If it is cold, it will not work. It can't be used hard. Therefore, heating and stirring are required to become less troublesome in use.

As for the asphalt mixing plant, let's talk about asphalt, and understand it in order to understand the asphalt mixing plant we are talking about today.

Asphalt is a dark brown high viscosity organic liquid composed of hydrocarbons and non-metals of different molecular weights. The surface is black and soluble in carbon disulfide.

At the same time, it is also an organic gelling material that is waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosive.

It can be mainly divided into three types: coal tar pitch, petroleum asphalt and natural asphalt. Asphalt is mainly used in coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries as well as paving roads.

Our work road is made of asphalt. The asphalt can also be said to be asphalt, so the old asphalt road, while the asphalt is quite high when pouring the road, because at low temperatures, it is harder than the stone. It can not be used at all, so the asphalt mixing plant of asphalt mixing station is mainly composed of batching system, drying system, combustion system, weighing and stirring system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, finished silo and control system.

Asphalt mixing plant is a very important place for road construction.

The asphalt mixing plant is a complete set of equipment for the production of asphalt concrete in large quantities, and this equipment is generally used in large-scale pouring of cement roads.

It can also produce asphalt mixes, colored bitumen mixes, and more.

It is necessary equipment for building highways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports, and ports. Now let's talk about asphalt mixing stations. - Comments: 0

Asphalt mixer motor selection - 04 Sep 2019 09:01



How should we choose the motor of the asphalt mixer? There are also many requirements in the choice of the motor. If we follow these requirements, we can choose the right motor.

In general, the motor is selected according to the concentration.

The greater the concentration of liquid, the greater the requirements on the motor.

The requirements for asphalt mixers are:
Output Power
Host usage method specification and model
Recognized good brand
The load is divided into static load and dynamic load.
friction - Comments: 0

What details should you pay attention to when managing asphalt mixing plants? - 01 Sep 2019 09:01



Asphalt mixing plant may have unexpected dangers during use, so we must pay great attention to the management. For example, we must not use the land as a neutral line, but design a safe and reliable electrical circuit diagram. Such lines shall be suspended in the air; when the mixing equipment is assembled, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of electricity. All the pipelines must be properly placed to prevent crushing or damage during work, resulting in accidents.

Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal maintenance of the asphalt mixing plant. Before starting, the air switch must be disconnected and designated to guard against accidents.

Always check the main switch button of the console, the accuracy and reliability of the indicator.

When the asphalt mixing plant is working, no one should enter the lifting hopper track or stand under the track. When entering, the hopper should be lifted to a safe place and secured with a safety clasp to ensure safety.

As its foundation, drainage must be considered and no water should be accumulated.

At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the upper and lower limit switches of the hopper of the asphalt mixing station are safe and reliable; when stirring, it is strictly prohibited to stop in the middle. If there is a power outage accident in the middle, press the discharge button immediately, open the discharge door, and put the mixing inside the mixing tube. Material to prevent induration.

If the asphalt mixing station is installed higher than the surrounding buildings, it is necessary to install lightning protection facilities on the original basis to prevent lightning strikes, damage to the equipment, and affect the normal operation of the mixing work.

In short, we must ensure the quality of the equipment in order to have better engineering quality. - Comments: 0

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