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Talking about how asphalt mixing plant is used for grading and segregation of mixture - 30 Nov 2019 09:00



asphalt mixing plant is a common equipment commonly used in modern construction sites. The equipment needs to pay attention to the segregation of asphalt mixture during paving operations, because the quality of the segregation will directly affect the quality of the asphalt, so the mixture appears later. The technology of transfer trucks and re-mixing, but with the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, asphalt mixing plant has integrated the separation of the mixture into the mixing process.

In the asphalt mixing plant, it is necessary to install a system for detection and analysis, in order to randomly analyze the gradation of cold asphalt.

In general, the asphalt detection and analysis system consists of two parts, the sampler and the analyzer. The sampler is installed in the belt conveyor system. The sampling time is very short, about 0.5 seconds, so the belt will not be worn. The delivery has an effect, and the sample is sent to the analyzer for analysis to arrive at a corresponding conclusion.

The step of separating the asphalt mixing plant is to first feed the material into the vibrating screen of the mechanical equipment and sieve it by the vibrating screen. Because the equipment has a certain area, the asphalt will be distributed first when entering the screening, and the fine material will pass first. The filter surface, the thick will also enter slowly, so that the first to enter is fine, and the later is coarse.

After the above screening, the separation of the coarse and fine materials will be formed in the first storage bin.

The above is the relevant steps of the asphalt mixing plant for the grading and separation of the mixture. The technology of the asphalt mixing plant has become more mature, and the competition in the market is getting bigger and bigger. The asphalt mixing plant enterprises need to constantly stand in the market. Innovative and perfect, and guarantee the quality of its products. - Comments: 0

What should be attached to the joint asphalt pavement? - 27 Nov 2019 09:00



Sometimes we will find that many asphalt roads have several seams like lines. In fact, this involves a joint work. If the operation is not good, it will affect the quality of the entire road surface. Therefore, it is very strict. You must follow some basic requirements before you can.

Asphalt pavement joints:
1. Asphalt mixing company introduces that the construction of asphalt pavement must be tight and the joints are smooth, and no obvious seam segregation can be produced.

The longitudinal seams of the upper and lower layers should be staggered by more than l50mm (hot seam) or 300~400mm (cold seam).

The adjacent joints of the two adjacent and upper and lower layers shall be offset by more than lm, and the joint construction shall be checked by 3m ruler to ensure that the flatness meets the requirements.

2. The longitudinal joints used in the echelon operation when paving should be made of hot joints, leaving the paved part to be l00~200mm wide and not being rolled, as the reference part of the subsequent part, and then rolling across the seam to eliminate the seam.

3. Introduction of asphalt mixing company When half-width construction or longitudinal cold joints are generated for special reasons, it is advisable to add baffles or add cutters to cut them, or to use the hoe to remove the edges before the mixture is completely cooled. The way of squatting, but it is not advisable to use a cutting machine for longitudinal slitting after cooling.

Before the other half of the shop is added, a small amount of asphalt should be applied, overlapped on the layered layer by 50~100mm, and then the mixture placed on the top half of the layer is shoveled. When rolling, the side is pressed to the center to leave 100~150mm, and then cross The seam is compacted and compacted. - Comments: 0

Briefly describe the factors affecting the production quality of asphalt mixing plant - 24 Nov 2019 09:00



Asphalt mixing plant is a kind of equipment that is frequently used by municipals. It has the characteristics of long service life, stable operation, high work efficiency, simple operation and safety, so it is widely welcomed in the industry.

There are many factors that affect the quality of the asphalt mixing plant when it is working. This article will be briefly introduced.

Firstly, the incorrect mix ratio of asphalt concrete will affect the production quality of the asphalt mixing plant, because the mix ratio can be said to be the whole process of construction, and only the reasonable mix ratio can be combined with a reasonable production process to produce the best results.

If the mix ratio of asphalt concrete is unreasonable, the asphalt concrete will be unqualified, which will have a great impact on the service life and cost of the asphalt concrete pavement.

Secondly, the unstable discharge temperature of asphalt concrete will also affect the production quality of the asphalt mixing plant.

The country has a clear regulation on the temperature of asphalt heating. Generally, it needs to be controlled between 150 and 170 degrees Celsius during the construction process. The temperature of the aggregate needs to be higher than the temperature of the asphalt.

If the temperature is unstable, the asphalt may be burnt, which has a great influence on the paving and rolling of the road.

In addition to the above two reasons, the mixing of the mixture also has a great influence on the production quality of the asphalt mixing plant.

The mixing of the mixture needs to be uniform. After the mixing, all the mineral particles need to be wrapped by the asphalt. Do not have uneven packaging, otherwise the quality of the production will be affected. - Comments: 0

Analysis of common problems in heavy oil combustion system of asphalt mixing plant - 21 Nov 2019 11:36



Asphalt mixing plant is an important equipment. When it is used, due to its structural complexity, some problems may occur. For example, its heavy oil combustion system often has problems: the burner can not start, the burner can not normally ignite and the flame Accidental extinction, etc.

So, what should I do with these questions?

For the first case, it is also a common one. Because there are many reasons, when the burner of the heavy oil combustion system of the asphalt mixing plant cannot be started, the first problem should be investigated. As follows: check whether the main power switch is normal, whether the fuse is blown; check whether the circuit interlock is open, whether the control panel and the thermal relay are normal, if it is found that the above is off, it should be opened in time; check that the servo motor should be in the low flame position, otherwise Set the adjustment switch to "Auto" or adjust the potentiometer to a minimum; check that the air pressure switch is working properly.

In the second case, the burner cannot be ignited normally.

In response to this phenomenon, we can judge from the experience that the possible causes are: the flame detector mirror is ashed or damaged.

If it is the mirror surface of the asphalt mixing station heavy oil burning system, clean it in time; if the detector is damaged, replace it with a new one.

If the problem persists, then adjust the detector's detection direction to fix it.

Then, the fourth case is that the burner flame of the system is unexpectedly extinguished.

For this kind of problem, if the inspection finds that the nozzle is caused by dust, then it can be cleaned in time.

This situation may also be caused by excessive or insufficient dry combustion air. Then, we can adjust it by adjusting the damper of the blower of the heavy oil combustion system of the asphalt mixing plant.

In addition, you should also check whether the heavy oil temperature is qualified and whether the heavy oil pressure is up to standard.

If it is found that it cannot be ignited after being extinguished, it may be due to excessive combustion air, and it is important to check the piston rod air ratio, cam, linkage mechanism, etc.

For the above problems, when we encounter in the work, we can take the above methods to deal with, to ensure the normal operation of the heavy oil combustion system, and to ensure the stable operation of the asphalt mixing plant. - Comments: 0

Asphalt mixer disassembly process and tremor - 18 Nov 2019 09:00



The development prospect of asphalt mixer is very good. The competition in the market is also very fierce. When the equipment is in use, the roller and the wheel rail often have uneven wear and tear, and sometimes some abnormal noise and squatting are caused. The main reason for this formation is that the asphalt mixer has a friction between the roller and the wheel rail under the action of the high temperature of the drying cylinder after a certain period of operation.

Under the action of the drying material, the asphalt mixer will experience severe tremors, which will directly lead to improper adjustment of the gap between the wheel rail and the roller, or the mutual position between the two. There is a skew, so the operator needs to add grease to the surface where the roller and the surface of the school wheel are in contact after each day of operation.

When adding grease, it is also necessary to pay attention to adjusting the tightness of the fixing nut in time, and then effectively adjust the clearance between the supporting wheel and the school wheel rail, so that the smooth running between the two can be ensured. The points of contact will be more evenly stressed.

This way the asphalt mixer will not appear to be obstructive when it is running.

The disassembly of the asphalt mixer is a relatively large and complicated process. Before the equipment is disassembled, it is necessary to formulate a feasible solution according to its location and actual conditions. Then all the disassemblers need to carry out comprehensive technical safety communication. Before the disassembly, it is necessary to do a good job in the attachment of the equipment and the inspection and registration of the appearance.

When installing, it is necessary to map the mutual position of the asphalt mixer, so that it is convenient for the staff to refer to when installing. When the asphalt mixer is disassembled, all the cables and wires inside are not allowed to be cut. The internal and external wire numbers and terminals inside the equipment are not allowed. The board number can be disassembled after it has been confirmed that there is no error, otherwise the line number identification needs to be adjusted. - Comments: 0

What steps should be taken to repair asphalt? - 15 Nov 2019 09:00



After a long time, we will find that there are always a lot of potholes in the asphalt lane. This will have certain hidden dangers. For this reason, we need to repair the problem to remove the corresponding troubles. Of course, the specific details of the operation are worthy of our consideration. Know clearly and then operate.

Asphalt repair:
1. Asphalt Mixing Company introduces measuring or estimating the amount of filler you are going to repair.

For a small pit, less than two feet, it can be repaired with about 50 pounds of cold asphalt filler.

Choose to repair asphalt packing, cold asphalt mixture, then 50 pounds of plastic bag cement, and a bucket of water.

2. Use a gardening shovel to shovel a clean loose soil and debris. There are other suitable tools. If it is dry soil, you may want to use a garden hose to pour it out because the tar will not dry.

3. If there is water, let the hole dry because its tar is not sticky to the soil.

If you are in a hurry, you can also use a fan that can fill holes more than three or four inches with compactable materials such as clay and gravel concrete.

4, fill the hole with asphalt filler, and at the same time about half an inch or more can be paved.

This will allow the patch-level pavement to be operated later, wrapped in hand-smashed, gas-plated slabs, and even a small hole hammer.

Make sure the cold asphalt mixture is pressed into the hole, and you may find that the patch will be exposed soon.

5, asphalt mixing company introduction If necessary, you need to cover the patch.

You can put a board or splint in place for a few days to make sure it hardens but it is optional, and if you take it tightly, it can move immediately. - Comments: 0

Precautions when using asphalt mixing plant equipment and the basic way to establish asphalt mixing plant - 12 Nov 2019 09:00



Due to the complicated situation of the asphalt mixing plant, when the relevant equipment is used, it must be implemented according to the correct standards. The requirements for the operator are that the precautions related to the use of the equipment must be kept in mind, and the things that must be done must be Doing things and prohibiting things must be avoided. These are all closely related to the production situation.

Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, every staff member should ask himself according to high standards. For example, for strictly prohibited things, in the process of using asphalt mixing plant equipment, in order to prevent impeller damage, the operator must not The device is started with the agitating impeller buried by the solid; at the same time, collision or hammering of the shaft mating surface of the device is not allowed.

Moreover, the test run should be carried out after the addition, and it is not allowed to run at no load.

So, what should be done when building an asphalt mixing plant? Taking into account the importance of its operations, for the establishment of the station, it must be combined with the actual situation, in accordance with the correct method.

Then the first step in building a station is to determine the main machine and the feed batching system, and to be able to meet the maximum daily consumption of the basic principle.

According to the normal situation, in order to ensure the quality of the project, only one asphalt mixing station can be set up in one project, or the mixing station can be set separately according to the partition, or a large mixing station can be set up in a centralized manner and then equipped with a suitable amount of transport vehicles, which can be based on actual conditions. The situation is adjusted.

Then, each mixing station should be equipped with one or two pools, in order to ensure the mixing of the work and the water requirements of the mechanical cleaning work.

In addition, when establishing an asphalt mixing plant, the corresponding cement silo should also be configured, in accordance with the principle that it can meet the needs of plutonium production, and at the same time, the cement backlog cannot occur, and it can be used separately.

Finally, we must consider the delivery of the finished product, which should be carried out according to the standard of meeting the delivery distance and height and the supply of 砼. - Comments: 0

Relationship between heating efficiency of asphalt mixing plant and asphalt conveying pipe - 09 Nov 2019 09:00



The influence of the asphalt mixing plant can not be underestimated. It also has a great influence on the heating efficiency of the asphalt conveying pipe. This is because the important performance indexes of the asphalt, viscosity and sulfur content, are closely related to the asphalt mixing plant.

In general, the greater the viscosity, the worse the atomization effect, which directly affects work efficiency and fuel consumption.

As the temperature increases, the viscosity of the heavy oil gradually decreases, so that the high-viscosity oil must be heated and heated for smooth transportation and atomization.

Therefore, in addition to understanding its general indicators, it is necessary to master its viscosity-temperature curve to ensure that the heating can reach the viscosity required by the burner before atomization.

When inspecting the asphalt circulation system, it was found that the asphalt in the pipeline solidified due to the failure of the temperature of the asphalt conveying pipeline.

The reasons for the analysis are as follows: 1. The high oil level of the heat transfer oil is too low, resulting in poor circulation of the heat transfer oil; 2. The inner tube of the double tube is eccentric; 3. The heat transfer oil line is too long; 4. The heat transfer oil pipeline is not taken. Proper insulation measures, etc., are the main factors affecting the heating effect. - Comments: 0

Various stages of development of China's asphalt mixing plant - 06 Nov 2019 09:00



Up to now, China's asphalt mixing plant has been fully developed independently and has reached the international advanced level.

Prior to this, in fact, it also experienced different stages of self-development, technology introduction, and technical cooperation of simple products.

In fact, the production of asphalt mixing plant in China began in the late 1960s. At first, it developed a self-developed forced batch mixing equipment with a productivity of 30t/h.

But as demand increases, such devices are clearly unable to meet the requirements.

Therefore, since the early 1980s, related R&D manufacturers have introduced 1000 types of asphalt mixing plant production technology and 3000 type asphalt mixing plant from abroad, so that the scale and technology of China's asphalt mixing plant production has been improved to a new one. Level.

By 2000, some of these products had reached the international level in the late 1980s, but as far as the overall level was concerned, the production scale, output, technical equipment and technical level and reliability of asphalt mixing plant in China at that time. There is still a big gap between durability and international standards.

After continuous improvement and development, there have finally been breakthroughs. At present, there are about 100 existing asphalt mixing plant manufacturers in the country.

There are dozens of companies in Wuxi alone, and there are no fewer manufacturers with research and development capabilities.

As a manufacturer of asphalt mixing plant, through continuous introduction, digestion, imitation of foreign advanced technology and independent innovation, the product technology level has been greatly improved, and is developing to the full range, multi-variety, large-scale, high-grade. - Comments: 0

Asphalt mixing plant equipment disassembly process - 03 Nov 2019 09:00



We have mainly introduced some aspects of the station construction before, and there may not be any mention about the disassembly.

In fact, when our work is over, we need to complete the disassembly of the asphalt mixing plant within a certain period of time.

So, what issues should we pay attention to when doing the disassembly work? Let's take a look at the specific content.

First of all, we need to do the appropriate preparations.

This is because the equipment is more complicated and the size is large. Before the disassembly, the seat needs to be made into a feasible disassembly plan according to the location and the actual situation on site.

Secondly, we also need to conduct comprehensive systematic training and technical exchanges for all those involved in the demolition work.

Finally, we should also design a mutual position map based on the layout of the asphalt mixing plant for reference during installation.

When actually disassembling, it should be noted that it must be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the program.

For example, it should be noted that the wires and cables must not be cut, and three comparisons are required before the cables are removed, which are the internal wire number, the terminal board number, and the external wire number.

After these confirmations, the asphalt mixing plant can be dismantled as required.

Otherwise, appropriate adjustments are needed to avoid losses.

In the process of disassembly, in order to ensure that we can continue normally, we need to mark and identify.

Also, be sure to use special tools for destructive disassembly.

All removed bolts, nuts, and locating pins should be screwed back or inserted back into place immediately after oiling to avoid confusion and loss, affecting the normal use of the asphalt mixing plant.

As a staff member, all the removed parts need to be inspected and cleaned. It is best to do rust prevention work.

After the disassembly work is completed, it should be stored reasonably according to the requirements, and the asphalt mixing station should be cleaned on site. - Comments: 0

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