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Selection conditions of vibrating screen of asphalt mixer - 30 Dec 2019 09:01



In the process of road construction, asphalt mixers are bound to be used, and it is not unfamiliar to everyone.

In addition to the overall quality of the machine, the selection and use of components also plays a key role, which will affect the construction quality and production costs.

The screen in the asphalt mixer is taken as an example for specific description.

Regardless of the type of rational mixer, if the quality of the steel of the vibrating screen and the reasonable size of the screen and mesh, and the installation accuracy of the screen are not taken seriously, the first stirring effect will not be ideal. In turn, it affects the use of asphalt. Therefore, the selection of high-quality and high-wearing screens is the basic condition for mixing high-yield and high-quality asphalt, and it can also reduce costs.

Some asphalt mixer manufacturers use inferior screens made of cheaper ordinary steel, ignoring the requirements of special wear-resistant steel wire weaving and elaborate edge wrapping technology, resulting in short service life and serious impact on the normal operation of the unit. - Comments: 0

Comparison of three dust removal methods in asphalt concrete mixing equipment - 27 Dec 2019 09:00



During the use of asphalt concrete mixing equipment, it is easy to produce dust pollution, which will not only affect the mixing effect and the normal operation of the equipment, but also cause damage to the environment and personnel.

Therefore, in order to prevent secondary pollution of dust and avoid injury to the human body, it is necessary to install a necessary dust removal device in the asphalt concrete mixing equipment to play a dustproof role.

When the dust of the stone powder, fly ash and other dust generated during the production of the asphalt concrete mixing equipment is collected by the bag filter, it can be treated in different ways, one is rain curtain type dustproof.

That is, the outlet of the bag filter is connected to a specially constructed closed silo, and a number of water pipes and nozzles are installed on the top of the silo to continuously spray water downward.

The dust generated in the asphalt concrete mixing equipment is collected and discharged into the silo, and then the dust is humidified by the falling water droplets, thereby preventing the dust from being diffused again in the silo.

When the dust in the silo is stored in a certain amount, it is loaded into the transport vehicle by the loader and transported away.

The disadvantage of this method is the waste of water resources and the inconvenience of transportation.

Another treatment method is also a closed silo on the asphalt concrete mixing equipment, but the water pipe, the nozzle, etc. are replaced by an air humidifier or a sprayer to increase the humidity of the air in the silo and perform spray dust removal. Doing so will add some cost.

At present, a large amount of dust removal method used in asphalt concrete mixing equipment is to directly humidify the dust, and only need to add a humidifying mixer at the outlet of the bag filter to prevent the dust from entering the atmosphere again, and also reduce the water. The utility of volume and transportation costs. - Comments: 0

How is asphalt mixture made? - 24 Dec 2019 09:00



Making asphalt mixture (mixed)
Like any good recipe, the ingredients should be of high quality and should be carefully measured and cooked at the correct temperature.

In asphalt equipment, the aggregates are precisely mixed into one grade, then dried and heated to the appropriate temperature.

The mixture was then completely coated with liquid asphalt cement.

There are two types of asphalt equipment, batch and drum.

The drum mixing equipment dries the aggregate and mixes it with the asphalt in a continuous process in the same equipment.

For batch mode, the rock is first dried and heated, then added to the mash mill and mixed with the asphalt one at a time.

Transport and place asphalt mix
Once mixed, the bitumen can be loaded into the truck and transported to the construction site.

Then use a paver to place it on the asphalt paving project.

Once the paver is placed with the asphalt mixture, it is compacted with a roller until the number of air holes determined in the mix design or formulation is just right.

Tip: Temperature is very important.

The optimum temperature for mixing, transporting, laying and compacting asphalt pavement depends on the hardness (stickiness) of the asphalt, the time and length of transport to the project site, and when it is compacted.

If the compaction is too hot, the pores are too small and the mat will "push" and rut.

If it is too cold, it is difficult to be compact and the gap is too high. - Comments: 0

What are the safety application codes for asphalt mixing plants? - 21 Dec 2019 09:01



During the road maintenance, a large amount of asphalt is required, and the asphalt mixing station is responsible for the production of asphalt production equipment. The working efficiency of this equipment is very stable, and the application purpose can also be achieved during the operation. The use of asphalt mixing plant is The construction industry has a major role to play.

In the process of using asphalt mixing plant, the staff needs to know the application specifications of the equipment in order to ensure production efficiency.

In the process of using the asphalt mixing plant, the staff needs to wear the working clothes and protective equipment first. Before starting the asphalt mixing plant for production, it is necessary to check the working state of the equipment. At this time, the equipment can be tested first, so that it can be accurate. When judging the working status of the device, if it finds that the device has any problem of hidden danger, it must stop running and check the device. It can not be put into operation under the condition that the device can not operate normally, which will cause serious consequences.

Before starting the asphalt mixing plant, the staff needs to warn the surroundings first, and the horn can be used to remind the personnel to evacuate the work site to avoid danger and accidents. The equipment can be started after ensuring that there are no problems.

In addition, during the loading process, the staff should pay attention to whether the parking position of the vehicle is appropriate, and also prepare for protection when working at high places to avoid danger during production.

During the production of asphalt by the asphalt mixing plant, if there are some production operations inside and outside the equipment, other staff members are required to take care to ensure that the mixing operation can be carried out at the same time, and these problems need to be paid attention to during the processing and production. - Comments: 0

Asphalt mixer plays an important role in construction - 18 Dec 2019 09:00



Asphalt mixer plays an important role in the construction. Asphalt is a dark brown high viscosity organic liquid composed of hydrocarbons and non-metals of different molecular weights. It is a waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosive organic cementitious material, while asphalt road It is made of asphalt and cement, mixed with stones. Asphalt is a kind of liquid that is easy to harden. In addition to heating, there is another way to keep stirring, and it is asphalt mixer.

Nowadays, paving the bridges and bridges everywhere, it is because the society is developing greatly, and in these construction projects, the asphalt mixer is indispensable. Without it, it can't continue because the asphalt is hard and it needs to be constantly used. Stirring, only this mixer can do it, and it is impossible to complete it by hand.

Asphalt mixer can also produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture. It is necessary equipment for building highways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports and ports. With the increase of the use rate of asphalt mixers, in order to meet different The demand for asphalt mixers is also increasing. The continuous drum type is produced by continuous uninterrupted mixing. The heating and drying of the aggregate and the mixing of the mixture are continuously forced in the same drum. The heating and drying of the aggregate and the mixing of the mixture are forced to be carried out periodically. Numerous mixing equipments make the project unobstructed.

The asphalt mixer equipment is stirred separately in one pot and one pot. The mixing and output of each equipment are set well, so it is very convenient to produce. It saves time and labor and labor. - Comments: 0

Asphalt mixing plant project investment considerations - 15 Dec 2019 09:00



When we are looking at an asphalt mixing plant project, do you know what issues need to be considered? For this problem, the problem we actually need to consider is still quite complicated. Let's take a look at the specific content.

First of all, what needs to be considered is the application note of the asphalt mixing plant technology:

In general, the technical aspects mainly include: 1. Whether there is uncertainty in the reliability and applicability of the technology used in the asphalt mixing plant project; 2. The actual production process of these technologies for the project What are the risks?

In general, when considering these issues, we should adhere to the principle that the technology and equipment used are mature, advanced, and have good feasibility.

Second, the asphalt mixing plant project investment notice:

Although China's development in this area has been in a period of rising in recent years, it is clear that it also contains a large profit margin.

However, when investing, we should still be cautious. We need to do the preparatory work before investing: 1. Do a good job in the preliminary investigation, and do not blindly follow up. This is because of the technical conditions of the asphalt mixing plant equipment. The requirements are higher, so the investment will be higher; 2, the equipment should be used well, and the operation skills of the equipment should be mastered in advance.

Third, attention to the production and development of asphalt mixing plant project:

In the development process, more problems need to be considered. At this time, more problems will be involved, such as power supply and power supply problems, as well as emergency treatment of some unexpected situations that may be encountered in the actual production process. Measures, etc.

In addition, as a development investor, we also need to study a lot of issues, such as how to ensure the normal and reliable operation of asphalt mixing plant equipment in the actual production process. - Comments: 0

Does the asphalt mixing plant belong to concrete machinery? - 12 Dec 2019 09:01



Asphalt concrete is a mixture of artificially selected mineral materials with a certain grade and a certain proportion of road asphalt materials, which are mixed under strict control conditions.

Q: Some asphalt concrete mixing equipment is placed in the road machinery. Is asphalt concrete concrete?
Answer: Asphalt concrete is a kind of ore material (gravel or crushed gravel, stone chip or sand, ore powder, etc.) with a certain proportion of asphalt concrete, which is artificially matched with a certain proportion of road asphalt material under strict control conditions. Mixture of mixed ingredients.

asphalt mixing plant is placed in the road machinery
Concrete refers to the collective name of engineering composite materials that are cemented into aggregate by cementitious materials.

Generally speaking, the term concrete refers to the use of cement as a cementitious material, sand and stone as aggregates, and water (with or without admixtures and admixtures) in a certain proportion, after mixing, forming and curing. Cement concrete, also known as ordinary concrete.

It is widely used in civil engineering. - Comments: 0

Briefly describe the technical improvements that asphalt mixing plant should adopt in order to save energy and reduce emissions. - 09 Dec 2019 09:00



asphalt mixing plant is a kind of equipment used in highway construction. With the development of society, the country has begun to pay more and more attention to highway construction. Therefore, asphalt mixing plant has gradually received attention.

People should know that no matter which country is advocating the concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development, asphalt mixing plant is no exception. It needs to actively respond to the call of the society. What should be taken by asphalt mixing plant for energy saving and emission reduction? Technical improvements This article is followed by a brief introduction.

First of all, if the asphalt mixing plant is in the process of burning, then the coefficient of increasing air can be taken as much as possible so that the material can be more fully burned, thereby obtaining higher chemical performance.

In addition to the air, it is also possible to reduce the heat dissipation area, so that the heat utilization rate can be effectively improved, and the two methods can be combined to save energy as much as possible.

Secondly, asphalt mixing plant can improve the production process of asphalt mixture in order to save energy and reduce emissions. Generally, the temperature of the mixture can reach about 100 degrees Celsius, and users can use it to emulsify asphalt, thus saving Energy is another good role.

When using asphalt mixing plant, in addition to the above points can be used to save energy and reduce emissions, users can also consider the working principle of improving mixing equipment, you can choose different mixing equipment according to the actual situation, so for work efficiency In terms of aspects, there can be a great improvement. - Comments: 0

Working principle and development space of asphalt mixing station - 06 Dec 2019 09:00



The basic working principle of the asphalt mixing station can be roughly summarized as follows:
Simply put, the asphalt mixing station is actually a set of equipment that can mix and mix several materials in a predetermined proportion to become a relatively uniform mixture. It is widely used at present and is important for the construction of different projects. All aspects also have a great impact on the engineering quality of asphalt pavement.

Generally, the asphalt mixing plant equipment is divided into two structures, and the intermittent structure is relatively complicated in structure and process. For the aggregate, the secondary screening is carried out, and then the batch measurement is performed, etc., for the batching precision is high. The mixing quality is good and can meet different construction requirements.

The continuous type is simple in structure, the operation process is simplified, and the accuracy is slightly poor.

For the current market, due to the special nature of the products, the requirements for the profession are relatively high, so most users have strong recognition capabilities for the products.

However, due to various reasons, the scope of use of asphalt mixing plant equipment, as well as technology, design and other aspects have been limited. Therefore, some companies are not only pursuing the quality marketing of products when they are marketing, but also begin to Building a brand effect will also help the company to achieve better development.

Of course, from the perspective of product price, due to the cruel market competition, it is obviously unreasonable and unreasonable if the enterprise knowledge simply increases the investment in technology, which will lead to a significant increase in costs and reduce asphalt mixing. The price/performance ratio of the station.

Take some of the imported equipment on the market in China, the overall performance is higher, but at the same time the price is relatively expensive.

In terms of development, China still has a certain gap with foreign countries, but its comprehensive performance is not much worse than imported equipment.

And for some of the more critical components are also imported components, asphalt mixing station performance is almost equal, the price is much cheaper.

In other words, for development, it is a very wise choice to be cost-effective. - Comments: 0

Asphalt pavement regeneration technology - 03 Dec 2019 09:00



There are many methods for regenerating old asphalt pavement. The method of regenerating old asphalt pavement can be summarized into two categories: thermal regeneration and cold regeneration.

Thermal regeneration can be divided into hot mix regeneration and in situ heat regeneration; cold regeneration can be divided into cold mix regeneration and in situ cold regeneration.

According to the data released by the European Asphalt Pavement Association, the asphalt pavement regeneration methods in Europe and the United States are mainly based on heat and warm mix regeneration. The International Economic Cooperation and Development Organization has reported on the road recycling of 14 countries (asphalt part) and hot mix regeneration (factory Hot regenerative regeneration is a commonly used regeneration method. Cold regeneration generally accounts for only a small percentage, and other regeneration methods are only used in a few countries.

Thermal regeneration
Thermal regeneration refers to heating the old material during the regeneration of the old asphalt material, adding other regeneration additives as required, and then performing other regeneration processes.

Thermal regeneration can be divided into hot mix regeneration and in situ heat regeneration.

1 hot mix regeneration
The recycled asphalt pavement material (RAP) is transported to the asphalt mixing plant (field, station), crushed, sieved, and mixed with new aggregate, new asphalt, regenerant (if necessary), etc. in a certain proportion. The technology of reclaiming paving pavement.

2 Geothermal regeneration
Geothermal regeneration technology was once considered a revolution in the road industry; however, future practice has proved that there are many limitations in on-site thermal regeneration: small processing thickness; unable to effectively adjust the mix ratio of recycled mix, mainly used for surface regeneration It is difficult to guarantee the quality requirements for pavements with uneven pavement thickness or large changes in quality conditions.

China's asphalt pavement diseases are mainly structural damage such as water damage and cracks. Surface treatment is difficult to solve these problems. Therefore, geothermal regeneration equipment should not be promoted in China.

When the geothermal heat is regenerated, the asphalt pavement should be heated and milled, and a certain amount of new asphalt and other regenerants should be added on the spot. After hot mixing, paving, rolling and other processes, the unit is complex and complicated. There are more than one unit combination to carry out the operation, and the investment in the first phase of the equipment is also large.

The geothermal regeneration equipment can be divided into two types: remixing regeneration and resurfacing regeneration.

Cold regeneration
Cold regeneration means that the old material is not heated during the regeneration of the old material of the asphalt pavement, and the emulsified asphalt and other additives for restoring the performance of the old material are added as required, and then other cold regeneration processes are carried out.

Cold regeneration can be divided into cold mix regeneration and in situ cold regeneration.

1 cold mix regeneration
The recycled asphalt pavement material (RAP) is transported to the mixing plant (field, station).

After crushing, sieving, and a certain proportion with new aggregates, asphalt-based recycled binders, active fillers (cement, lime, etc.), water, etc., mixed at room temperature, asphalt pavement regeneration technology at room temperature.

2 cold regeneration on site
On-site cold milling, crushing and sieving (if necessary) with a local in-situ cold recycling equipment, incorporating a certain amount of new aggregates, recycled binders, active fillers (cement, lime, etc.), water Etc., through the process of mixing, paving, rolling, etc. at normal temperature, the technology of regenerating the old asphalt pavement at one time.

It includes two methods of in-situ cold regeneration of asphalt layer and full-surface cold regeneration in situ.

asphalt mixing plant - Comments: 0

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