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How should the drying heating system of asphalt mixing station be set? - 09 Dec 2018 10:11


Therefore, we are here today to share some experience and skills on asphalt mixing stations in order to better help you solve some problems at an early date.

Below we will summarize the content to share with you, for your reference.

Drying heating system can be regarded as an important part of the whole asphalt mixing plant, so it is in the actual work, is in the way of countercurrent heating to deal with the material, so as to achieve full dehydration of cold aggregate, but also to heat it to a certain temperature, thus providing the necessary conditions for the normal and continuous operation of the asphalt mixing station.

Because for the asphalt mixing process, only to ensure the normal operation of the heating system, can provide a guarantee for the operation of the entire system, in order to provide the necessary basis for subsequent production, to meet the production requirements of asphalt mixing station.

The combustion device of the asphalt mixing station is used to provide a heat source for the drying and heating of cold aggregate, that is to say, in addition to the need to select the right fuel, it is necessary to select a suitable burner for the asphalt mixing station.

In order to ensure the effect of heating the asphalt mixing station, in addition to the above two devices to be reasonably selected, but also need to take a certain amount of insulation measures.

Asphalt mixer also has a commutator valve, the general situation will not appear problems, so before also did not carefully understand its solution.

But in the actual use of the time, but encountered this aspect of the failure, how to deal with it?Asphalt mixer Commutator valve failure is not complex, that is, the conversion is not timely, gas leakage, electromagnetic pilot valve failure and so on, the corresponding reasons and solutions are of course different.

In order to change the commutative valve is not timely phenomenon, generally because of poor smoothness, spring jammed or damaged, oil or impurities stuck in the sliding part, etc.

, it is necessary to check the status of the oil mist, lubricating oil viscosity, the need to replace lubricating oil or other parts.

  Asphalt concrete Mixing station in the course of operation to have operators to operate, requiring employees have received the post of professional training in the relevant technology, and passed the qualification examination and obtained the operation Certificate of the equipment.

nFirst of all, for different problems, we need to analyze according to the specific reasons, and then take appropriate measures to deal with.

For example, if there is a problem of fatigue damage in some parts of the asphalt mixing station, then how should we deal with it? The best solution to this situation is to start with the manufacture of these parts, such as improving the finish of the parts surface, and to improve the performance of these components by reducing the stress concentration problems of the parts.

In this way, in the use of the process, you can effectively reduce the probability of fatigue damage to the parts.

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The content of the assessment should have the following security system, the task of the work, whether the equipment operation mode is safe, the internal security facilities have not been well maintained and so on.

Electrical-control-system-control-room-300x197.jpg After a long period of use, the commutator valve is prone to valve core seal ring wear, stem and seat damage phenomenon, resulting in gas leakage in the valve.

At this point, the seal ring, stem and seat should be replaced, or the commutator valve should be changed directly for new.

In order to reduce the failure rate of asphalt mixer, usually also need to strengthen maintenance.

nThere is also a situation, if in the production process, these components only simply have friction problems, then how to deal with it? There are two ways to solve this problem, namely: 1, in the production of these parts, as far as possible to use wear-resistant materials, 2, in the design of these asphalt mixing plant used in the shape of the parts, should also take into account the problem of reducing friction resistance.

Attention should be paid to the test error, which should be combined with the actual effect after paving and rolling.

A trial production can not be concluded that equipment control is accurate, should be in the same specification after the cumulative output of 2000t, 5000t, computer statistics, the actual number of materials consumed, the number of finished products and test data together to analyze, in order to draw conclusions.

The precision of asphalt drum Mix plant metering of large asphalt mixture mixing equipment should reach ±0.25%, if this scope is not reached, the cause should be found out and resolved. - Comments: 0

What are the requirements of the operator of the asphalt mixing station? - 02 Dec 2018 14:48


At the same time as the demand for fuel changes, the quality requirements of burners are becoming more and more high, good ignition performance, efficient combustion efficiency, wide adjustment ratio, is often the goal of the construction units of each bridge crane Chase.But burner manufacturers are numerous, different brands, only the appropriate choice, in order to meet the above requirements.

After years of development, we have accumulated a wealth of sales channels and sales experience, partners all over the north and south.
In the new year, we will make full use of and develop our own sales platform advantages, with more manufacturers to establish strategic partnership.
In particular, we will be closely integrated with the advantages of product R d Wuxi Ya Road, to promote the sales of Wuxi Ya LU Machinery series products, the completion of sales advantages and R d Advantages of Perfect match.

In fact, for the operation of the asphalt mixing station, we must implement it with strict standards, not only to ensure the successful completion of the whole project, but also to ensure the personal safety of our staff.

Therefore, in the operation of equipment, we must require operators should meet certain standards in order to be on the job, the following we will introduce the specific requirements and standards.

In short, all the requirements for operators are in fact to ensure that our production work can be successfully completed, but also to effectively ensure the personal safety of our staff, but also to protect our asphalt mixing plant equipment as far as possible.

(2) Dielectric atomization is through the compressed air of 5~8kg or with pressure vapor pressure to the periphery of the nozzle and fuel pre-mixed combustion, characterized by low fuel requirements (such as residue and other poor oil), but more consumables, higher costs, the current road construction machinery industry using this type of aircraft less.

(3) The Rotary Cup atomization is through a high-speed rotary cup plate (about 6000 rpm) to the fuel out of the atomization.

Can burn poor oil, such as high viscosity slag oil and so on.

But the model is expensive, and the rotary Cup plate is easy to wear, the debugging requirements are very high.

At present, the road construction machinery industry basically do not use this type of aircraft.

1.2 burner According to the machine structure can be divided into all-in-one gun machine and split gun machine(3) The filter installed between the tank and the oil pump shall be cleaned regularly and checked for excessive wear and tear to ensure that the fuel reaches the pump smoothly from the tank and reduces the possibility of failure of the potential components.

The "Y" filter on the burner should be cleaned frequently, especially when heavy oil or residue is used, to prevent clogging of the injector and valve.

When working, check the pressure gauge on the burner to see if it is within the normal range.


Learning, enterprising and innovation are the essence of Wuxi ya Lu's corporate culture.

It is this spirit of inspiration, we will never pause, closely follow the pace of market development, and constantly adjust, optimize the business structure, always maintain a leading position in the construction road equipment industry.

Accompanied by a new starting point quietly, is our new stage of development and broad prospects for development.


As asphalt production equipment, asphalt mixers consist of mixing systems, drying systems, combustion systems, heat storage, thermal material lifting, vibrating screens, weighing and mixing systems, asphalt supply systems, powder feeding systems, dust removal systems, finished product silos and control systems.

General Asphalt mixing plants in the construction of our expressway and municipal roads, airports, port roads to play a major role, today by our Ya Lu project we tell you how to choose asphalt Mixing station manufacturers.

First of all, our requirements for operators are that they must undergo professional technical training, and passed the qualification examination and obtained the asphalt mixing station operating documents.

Secondly, an examination should also be arranged on a regular basis to check its safety awareness.

The main contents of the examination are: 1, the security system, 2, the task related to the work, 3, whether the operation mode of the equipment is correct and reasonable, 4, whether the internal safety facilities are reasonable maintenance and so on.

In fact, as an operator, we have to be clear about the main responsibilities of the job, and we must also have certain considerations, as well as preventive measures.

In addition, in the event of some emergencies, there should also be some skills to deal with the problem, which are used as asphalt mixing station operators should meet the requirements.

Asphalt concrete mixing equipment in the process of use, it is easy to produce dust pollution, not only will affect the stirring effect and the normal operation of equipment, but also to the environment and personnel caused harm.

Therefore, in order to prevent two pollution of dust, to avoid damage to the body, must be in the asphalt concrete mixing equipment to set up the necessary dust removal device, play the role of Dustproof. - Comments: 0

Faults of air circuit system in asphalt mixing station - 29 Nov 2018 14:46


cold-arregate-supplying.jpg 8, solenoid valve: Also known as electromagnetic commutator valve, Chongqing asphalt Concrete Mixing station by changing the direction of high-pressure gas to promote the piston movement in the cylinder.

In fact, we must also understand that, in view of the current development situation, asphalt mixing stations play a very important role in highway construction.

And in the future development process, the country will continue to adjust, to know that highway construction is an important link to expand domestic demand.

In addition, the feeding and commissioning process, hot silo door, aggregate scale door, mixing cylinder door, finished warehouse cover, finished warehouse door, small door switch position should be correct, the action should be smooth.

nWe found that when the asphalt mixing station was operating under low temperature, because the asphalt circulating pump and spraying pump could not operate, the asphalt in the asphalt scale solidified, which eventually caused the asphalt mixing station to fail to produce normally.

After inspection, it is proved that the asphalt in the asphalt pipeline does not meet the requirements, which causes the bitumen in the pipeline to solidify.

If there are no special requirements, similar mixing equipment is made of carbon steel, it can be applied to most of the operating conditions, as long as the temperature is not higher than 350 ℃ can be, and the price is relatively low.

But asphalt mixing station can not use this material, asphalt is a very hot material, it is not in line with the high temperature resistance, and carbon steel corrosion resistance is poor.

In the process of asphalt stirring, heating is one of the indispensable links, so the asphalt mixing station will inevitably be set up with heating system.

This system can malfunction under the influence of various factors, which indicates that the heating system must be modified.

Second, for some of the more remote areas of the relatively slow economic development, it is now facing a more critical period, the urgent need to use asphalt mixing plant to improve its road facilities.

Of course, in these areas, it is still dominated by small and low-priced mixing stations.

In addition, from the perspective of China as a whole, we will find that the requirements for equipment today also have a more large-scale trend.

nThe fourth is that in the asphalt mixing plant, its pneumatic components may cause failure.

The main problems that may arise include: 1, oil mist liquid oil droplets can not be atomized, 2, automatic sewage in the oil and water can not be automatically eliminated, 3, muffler sensitivity is disturbed.

These issues also need to be addressed through targeted measures after the causes have been identified.

nTherefore, we mainly share today on the asphalt mixing station Air road system is relatively easy to appear some of the fault phenomenon, I hope to help you.

The first is the fault of the gas source, in fact, the so-called gas source failure includes many kinds, and many parts may have this problem.

For example, in the case of air compressor, there may be the problem of slow pressure rise, as for the pipeline, may also be due to joint leakage and hose rupture caused by leakage and so on.

Attention should be paid to the test error, which should be combined with the actual effect after paving and rolling.

A trial production can not be concluded that equipment control is accurate, should be in the same specification after the cumulative output of 2000t, 5000t, computer statistics, the actual number of materials consumed, the number of finished products and test data together to analyze, in order to draw conclusions.

The precision of asphalt metering of large asphalt mixture mixing equipment should reach ±0.

25%, if this scope is not reached, the cause should be found out and resolved.

We know that in recent years China's Asphalt Batch Mix Plant industry has developed a good momentum, at the same time also caused some problems.

For example, some customers will be more worried about the investment problem.

As things stand, China's investment in provincial links and county and township road network reconstruction projects is increasing.

In particular, there is a high demand for small and medium-sized asphalt mixing stations below type 2000.

;aspahlt-for-sale-LB2000-1.jpg According to the above analysis, it is necessary to make the transformation of the thermal conductivity oil heating system of the asphalt mixing station, including the position of the higher oil filling tank, the installation of the exhaust valve, the trimming of the conveyor pipe, and the addition of the booster pump and the insulation layer.

After improvement, the temperature of asphalt mixing station only meets the requirements, and the parts are running normally.

The specific reason is that there are four possibilities, one is that the high oil tank of the heat conduction oil is too low, resulting in a poor circulation of the heat conduction oil; the other is the eccentricity of the inner layer tube of the double tube; the other is that the heat conduction tubing passes long; - Comments: 0

Precautions for metering operation of asphalt mixing equipment - 26 Nov 2018 14:40


When the asphalt discharge mixer, it is necessary to close the door reliable, and check whether there are residual slurry blockage or leakage and other undesirable phenomena, if there is a need to pay attention to, timely inspection and maintenance.
The fourth factor may be caused by an incorrect operator operation.

Mainly for some time regulation, does not meet the standard production procedures, so will affect the entire output, resulting in low efficiency of asphalt mixing station.

In addition, the field operators violate the operating procedures or lack of circuit professional maintenance knowledge, short circuit or illegal debugging, resulting in line impassable, signal failure, will affect the normal production of asphalt mixture.

If there are no special requirements, similar mixing equipment is made of carbon steel, it can be applied to most of the operating conditions, as long as the temperature is not higher than 350 ℃ can be, and the price is relatively low.

But asphalt mixing station can not use this material, asphalt is a very hot material, it is not in line with the high temperature resistance, and carbon steel corrosion resistance is poor.

asphalt drum Mix plant production is the key step of asphalt pavement construction, generally by the Construction Contracting Unit (Party A, hereinafter referred to as the Construction party) to bear.

However, for small and medium-sized pavement projects, maintenance projects or large-scale projects with tight schedule, the use of direct procurement and construction site near the asphalt mixing plant (party B) finished asphalt mixture method, can effectively reduce construction costs, reduce construction preparation time, shorten the duration, and reduce the number of management objects and coordination objects, At present, the operation mode of this kind of mixed material production (or transport) subcontracting is quite common in small and medium-sized construction projects.

Transport distance has an impact on project cost, quality, schedule and safety.

When the mixing plant is close to the construction site, the unit price of asphalt mixture is lower, the heat aging and temperature segregation degree is lighter, the coordination workload of transportation organization and Traffic management department is reduced, the transportation safety risk is reduced, and the irregular delay of the attendance time caused by the long distance can be avoided, so as to ensure the continuity of construction.

Determining the material is a necessary stage in the design process of asphalt mixing equipment, and it is also one of the key links, because the material will be directly related to the use effect and service life of the whole equipment.

Generally, when we determine the machine material, we usually use the characteristics of the working medium as the basis.

  If the burner does not ignite properly when the mine is heated, it should be carried out according to the steps: (1) first check whether the ignition combustion conditions inside the operating room meet the relevant requirements, including blower, belt, electric fuel pump, drying drum, fan and other equipment power opening and through the situation, The starting condition is observed, and then the ignition position is checked to see if there is a fan door and the closure of the cold air gate, and whether the switch, the drying drum and the internal pressure detection instrument are in the manual position and the manual state.

(2) If the above factors do not affect the ignition situation, it should be checked for initial ignition, fuel conditions and fuel access congestion, and then check the burner ignition motor ignition, high-pressure packet combustion, if all are normal, in check whether the electrode has too much oil or excessive distance between the electrodes and other abnormal phenomena.

(3) If all of the above is normal, it should check the operation status of the fuel pump, at the same time check the outlet pressure of the pump oil, to detect whether it can meet the requirements and the closure of the compressed air valve.

In view of all the above requirements, stainless steel asphalt mixers can be used, or glass-lined materials.

However, no matter what kind, there is a finer classification of materials, so according to their own agitation conditions, mixing temperature and corrosive aspects to determine the specific model.

  LB-2000 Asphalt Mixing Station Working principle is: (1) first by the central control room issued the opening command, cold silo cold material received the relevant command, through the belt conveyor will be related materials (aggregate, powder) to the drying drum for drying, after drying through the hot material hoist to transport it to the vibrating screen, and screening treatment.

(2) The sieve material is transported to different heat silo rooms, the respective doors are measured by electronic scales of the relevant weight value, and then put into the mixing cylinder, and then weigh the hot asphalt, and spray it into the mixing cylinder.

(3) Fully stir the mixture in the mixing cylinder, and eventually form the finished material, transport it to the trailers.

The trailers is transported through the track, unloading the finished material into the storage tank and placing it on the transport vehicle through the unloading gate. - Comments: 0

Safety code for the use and maintenance of asphalt regenerative heat equipment - 23 Nov 2018 14:31


Burner: Procurement of special imported automatic low-noise burner, adjustment ratio of 1:7, the use of hot oil insulation.

Improve the accuracy of stone temperature control, improve thermal efficiency and broaden the range of fuel use (can burn heavy oil, diesel) to reduce production costs.

Asphalt regenerative heating equipment and asphalt mixing equipment, but also asphalt construction does not have to be less devices, of course, there are also risk factors.

In this case, it is more appropriate to operate the asphalt regenerative heat equipment, so that its safe production.

Asphalt mixture Mixing Equipment1.

Cold Hopper2, aggregate Conveyor3, the feeding conveyor4, Drying drum5.


Primary worm gear Precipitator7, two class bag dust collector8, cold air valve9.

Wind turbine10.

Stone Hoist11.

Vibration Sieve12, hot aggregate storage warehouse13.

Metering System14.

Mixing Cylinder15, mineral powder storage tank16.

Waste Powder Storage tank17.

Finished Warehouse18.

Scrap Bucket19.

Operating Room20.

High Temperature tank21, heat conduction oil furnaceVibrating screen: The use of double motor vibration, so that the entire vibrating screen force uniformity, screening area is large, high efficiency, complete screening.

First of all, we have to sum up where there is a loss of energy consumption, and then in order to find a reasonable solution based on these problems.

Through the research, it is found that there are four problems in the process of using asphalt mixing station and the production of asphalt mixture, and its contents and measures are as follows:We know that in asphalt mixing plant, it includes different systems, each system division of labor is different, these systems cooperate with each other, so that the work of asphalt mixing station to maintain a stable state.

Among them, there is a system called control system, in fact, in the control system there are a lot of advanced functions, for these advanced features, do not know how much you understand?At present, most of the asphalt mixing stations in use, there are different degrees of energy consumption loss, and these losses have brought us a serious waste, how to reduce energy consumption in these areas, to achieve efficient production?The fourth aspect, the use of more advanced technology, so as to properly control the asphalt mixing station on the temperature requirements of hot mix mixture.

In recent times, less energy consumption of temperature-mixed asphalt technology has been rapid development, it is very beneficial to the current energy saving and emission reduction policy.

Asphalt regenerative heat equipment after a period of use after the need to clear slag, slag cleaning should pay attention to the concentration of force, to prevent bumps.

At the same time, it is necessary to regularly observe the use of the bottom of the pot and the use of asphalt valves, if there is damage should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

When using Asphalt Batch Mix Plant regenerative heat equipment to boil asphalt, the asphalt should be kept at the specified temperature, and the staff should not leave the hearth without permission to prevent the occurrence of fire.

To this end, the workplace must be ready for special fire equipment, and often check its quality, fire equipment placement should be smooth road.

In the second aspect, the energy consumption of asphalt mixing station can be realized by improving the performance of aggregate drying heating system The specific measures are as follows: 1, as far as possible to fully burn the fuel; 2, reduce the excess air coefficient of the burner; 3.

Reduce the cold air inhaled from the inlet of the cold aggregate; and reduce the temperature of the gas at the outlet of the drying cylinder; 6, reduce the heat dissipation loss of the drying cylinder wall; 7.

Shortening the path length of gas discharged into the atmosphere can reduce the heat dissipation area of gas in the pipeline, thus reducing the heat loss in the gas; 8.

Reduce the heat loss of the heat aggregate of the drying cylinder at the processAsphalt regenerative heating equipment operators must wear protective supplies to prevent bumps and burns, at the same time to often carry out indoor ventilation, thus reducing the toxicity of asphalt vapor.

During the operation of the equipment, no one is prohibited from pot table, and safety measures must be taken to avoid accidents if the work requires it.

aspahlt-for-sale-LB1200-1.jpg Then to the asphalt regenerative heating equipment in the pot to add asphalt, not too full, add to the groove along about 6 cm on it, in order to avoid asphalt heating boiling when overflowing, resulting in fire.

And when feeding, be careful not to leak the asphalt on the ground.

The first aspect, for the management of the material heap, we can reduce the energy consumption of asphalt mixing station through 3 specific methods: 1, properly reduce the stacking height of the material heap, 2, build a sloping, with a good drainage structure of the heap site, 3, build a waterproof rain shed. - Comments: 0

Artificial influencing factors of production quality of asphalt mixing station - 20 Nov 2018 13:27


  From the data released by the European Asphalt Pavement Association, the methods of asphalt pavement regeneration in Europe and America are mainly heat and temperature mixing, and the international Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) survey on the recycling of pavement in 14 countries shows that (asphalt part), Hot mix regeneration (plant mixing heat regeneration) is a commonly used regeneration method, cold regeneration generally only accounts Other regeneration methods are also used in only a few countries.
burner-1-300x197.jpg The second is the asphalt mixing station commutator valve will encounter some problems.

The main problems that may arise include: 1, can not be commutative or the commutative action is slow, 2, the valve core seal ring damage is serious, 3, the pilot solenoid valve stomata is blocked, can not be commutative and so on.

In response to these problems, we not only need to carry out regular inspections, but also to maintain a good degree of cleanliness.

In addition, damaged parts should be replaced in a timely manner to reduce the probability of problems occurring.

In the work of asphalt mixing station, it will be affected by many factors.

And in order to ensure the quality of the work, we need to fully analyze these influencing factors.

Among the many influencing factors, there is a class of influencing factors that can be divided into human factors, the following we will be in response to this factor to help you analyze, I hope to be able to help.

After multiparty consultation and market research, at present, China has very few burner manufacturers can produce gas burners, but not the asphalt mixer burner has been modified, and the technology is very immature, can not be connected with the mixer automatic control system, to achieve automatic temperature control, there are safety risks, so domestic burners do not consider.

Imported asphalt mixer Burner technology mature, safe and stable, China has been transformed a number of, and is currently using good.

Imported burners are mainly the United States Howe and the Italian general two brands, the United States Hao Ke has simple operation, high degree of automation, good security, a wide range of fuel and other advantages, but the price is more expensive, oil, gas dual-use burner transformation Total price of 750,000 yuan, gas burner also need 600,000 yuan.

  2. Cold regeneration  Cold regeneration refers to the asphalt pavement in the process of regeneration of old materials do not need to heat the old materials, according to the requirements of the restoration of the performance of the old material emulsified asphalt and other additives, and then carry out other cold regeneration process.

  (1) The commutator valve can not be commutative or commutative action is slow, generally due to poor lubrication, spring is jammed or damaged, oil or impurities stuck in the sliding part and other reasons caused.

In this regard, you should first check whether the oil mist is working properly, the viscosity of the lubricant is appropriate.

If necessary, replace the lubricating oil, clean the sliding part of the commutator valve, or replace the spring and commutator valve.

In addition, the technical level of operators of different types of workers.

Every job is very important and indispensable.

As the host operator of asphalt mixing station, it is necessary to have a strong sense of responsibility and professional quality, skilled operation of equipment, in the course of work, have a strong judgment and adaptability.

And can be under the guidance of technical personnel, timely elimination of some security risks and other issues.

The third is the possible failure of the cylinder in the asphalt mixing station.

The main problems that may arise include: 1, internal and external leakage of cylinders, 2, insufficient output force and uneven movement, 3, poor cushioning effect, 4, piston rod and cylinder head damage and so on are included.

For these problems, for reasons that vary, we need to identify the causes and take targeted measures to deal with them.

Geothermal regeneration.

  Geothermal regeneration technology was once considered a revolution in the road industry; However, later practice has proved that there are many limitations in the field thermal regeneration: small treatment thickness, can not effectively adjust the mix ratio of recycled mixture, mainly used for surface regeneration, the road surface thickness is not uniform or the quality of the road surface changes are difficult to ensure quality requirements.

In China's asphalt pavement diseases, mainly water damage, cracks and other structural damage, surface treatment is difficult to solve these problems, so geothermal regeneration equipment should not be popularized in China.

  The fault of the oil mist device is: The adjustment of the adjustment needle is too small oil road blockage, pipe leakage and so on will make the liquid oil droplets can not be atomized.

In this regard, the blockage and leakage of the place should be dealt with in a timely manner, adjust the amount of oil dripping, so that it reached about 5 drops of/min.

When used normally, the oil surface in the oil asphalt mixing cup should be kept within the upper and lower limits.

Moisture deposited at the bottom of the oil cup should be removed in time. - Comments: 0

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