asphalt mixing plant installation guide

04 Jul 2019 09:04

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First, the installation of mixing equipment
1. Site selection
(1) Principle Large-scale asphalt mixing plant has a large area, and stone materials must be stored in a certain amount.

When selecting the site, it should be close to the roadbed of this tender and located near the midpoint of the tender. The water and electricity sources are convenient, and the transportation of raw materials and finished materials is convenient.

(2) Natural conditions of the site The environment on the ground should be dry, the terrain is slightly higher, the groundwater level is lower, and the site with good geological conditions can be selected to reduce the cost of equipment installation and avoid equipment deformation caused by settlement.

Since the water content of raw materials has a great influence on the production of asphalt mixing plant, the water content is high, the fuel consumption is increased, the production capacity is also reduced, and the utility cost is increased. Therefore, there is a good drainage system around the equipment.

2, installation
(1) Preparation before installation
1 Before all the auxiliary equipment and complete sets of equipment are delivered to the site, draw the mutual position map of each assembly and foundation to ensure a successful lifting during installation;
2 The installation site should meet the requirements, and make three links and one leveling;
3 Organize an experienced installation team to enter the construction site. The installation personnel are equipped as follows:
1 organizer, 2 technicians (1 mechanical engineer, 1 electrical engineer), 4 fitters, 2 electricians, 1 electric welder, 1 management worker, 1 lifting crane, 4-6 laborers , 2 woodworkers.

(2) Installation of necessary equipment
Steam crane (lifting capacity is selected according to the largest component of the equipment); 1 5t jack, 1 30m large rope, 1 ladder with 10m telescopic ladder, 1 ladder with more than 3m, crowbar, sledgehammer, big scissors, hand Common tools such as saws, grinders, crimping tools, various wrenches, seat belts and level gauges are available, and one ZL50 loader.

(3) The main sequence of installation.

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