How is the asphalt mixing plant fuel system improved during the development process?

21 Jun 2019 06:01

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In the work of the asphalt mixing plant, there are many work aspects involved, and its fuel system is a very important aspect.

We know that the main function of the fuel system is to complete the heat exchange and ensure the work.

The specific process is such that the heat transfer oil in the fuel system needs to enter the heat exchanger first, then heat the fuel oil inside, and then return to the heat transfer oil furnace; thus repeating the cycle heating to complete the asphalt mixing station for heating Process requirements.

In the past construction process, heavy oil production was used. However, when heavy oil is burned, many gas pollutants are generated, which will adversely affect the environment. If natural gas is used as fuel, there will be no pollution after combustion. So it is getting popular.

In 2013, the “oil to gas” transformation process was started on the asphalt mixing plant.

That is to say, natural gas is used as a raw material to replace the conventional heavy oil fuel.

The reason for the transformation is that because of the use of natural gas, there are three outstanding advantages that are not available in heavy oil fuel. The specific content is: First, the quality of asphalt finished products in asphalt mixing plants has been improved, which is due to the burning of heavy oil. Completely, mixing with asphalt results in lower asphalt adhesion; secondly, the service life of the filter bag is prolonged, because the natural gas is relatively full during combustion, so it is relatively simple to filter, reducing the cost of concern; Third, the price of natural gas is more stable and economical, so it can also save the company a lot of production costs.

So, how is it transformed? The specific transformation contents of the asphalt mixing plant include: 1. The heat transfer oil used for heating the asphalt is transported to the heat exchanger through the oil pump and the pipeline, and the heating process of the fuel oil is completed to make the viscosity meet the requirements; The oil is heated before it enters the nozzle, which improves the fuel efficiency.

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