Paving and surface treatment of asphalt pavement

29 Jan 2020 09:00

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A lot of preparation work takes place before the asphalt pavement is laid.

In fact, unless the asphalt is laid on existing asphalt (covering), the most influential factor in the life of the asphalt pavement is the laying under the asphalt pavement.

Proper cleaning, digging, ground compaction and basic materials require a great deal of expertise.

The substrate can be a compacted stone or an asphalt substrate with its unique formulation.

In any case, if there is no proper foundation, the service life of the pavement will be greatly shortened.

Before applying the asphalt pavement to the surface (especially if it is an existing asphalt surface), the asphalt pavement should first be prepared by spraying a thin liquid asphalt binder (thermal binder) using an asphalt dispenser.

This helps the newly laid surface form a greater bond between it and the surface beneath it.

Once the mixture reaches the construction site, it is laid using an asphalt paver and compacted with an asphalt drum.

In addition to the proper laying of asphalt, the final quality of the asphalt pavement is heavily dependent on the quality and compaction of the asphalt mixture.

The correct rolling method must be used to ensure proper compaction.

Once the asphalt mixture has been compacted in the driveway, it should be left to cure.

Asphalt mix requires at least 24 hours to cure before use.

If it does not cure for a sufficient amount of time, it will result in poor quality pavement.

Depending on the thickness of the driveway, the asphalt mixture should be compacted using a suitable roller.

After asphalt paving is completed, time and weather factors are left.

As time goes by, with the constant influence of rain, snow, heat, cold and other factors, the asphalt pavement and the surface below it will begin to slowly degrade and collapse.

Asphalt maintenance - including crack seals, pothole repairs and seal coatings - can be used to protect and extend the life of asphalt pavements that have a long life cycle.

Asphalt sealing coatings are not only a means of maintaining old asphalt, but they can also be used early in the asphalt pavement life cycle to protect and greatly extend their service life.

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