Problems encountered in asphalt mixer construction

14 Jan 2020 09:00

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1 With the traditional maintenance program, the owner unit spends a lot of money on the processing of milling materials.

In the long run, the large amount of money spent on the disposal of recyclable materials is definitely not an economic solution.

The foamed asphalt flexible base layer, due to its excellent structural strength, avoids the occurrence of shrinkage cracks, and the upper asphalt concrete cover can be thinned.

Compared with the semi-rigid base layer, the foamed asphalt flexible base layer has better fatigue performance and can make the expressway have a longer service life.

If we take these factors into consideration, using cold recycling technology for road maintenance can save 20% — 40% of road maintenance costs.

2 After the construction of the traditional cement stabilized base layer, it is necessary to go through a 7-day or even 14-day health period to carry out the asphalt surface overlay.

The asphalt asphalt layer can be directly applied to the upper part three days after the construction of the foamed asphalt recycled layer.

This can greatly reduce the impact of construction on traffic.

The control of traffic during construction is often the most worrying and annoying problem for the owners and construction units during the construction process.

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