Several requirements for safe operation of asphalt mixing plant

21 Jun 2019 05:56

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When we operate the asphalt mixing plant, we should heat the equipment for half an hour in advance, and see that the pool should be heated for at least two hours; and manually operate each part of the equipment to ensure it is in good operation. State; also need to carry out relevant inspection of the valve, and manually take oil and return oil to ensure that the equipment can operate normally.

Several requirements for safe operation of asphalt mixing plant:

First, the location of the asphalt mixing station is very important. It should be installed on a flat ground. The axle wheel of the front axle should be fixed by the sleeper to ensure that the equipment does not shake during the operation;

2. Before the power is applied to the asphalt mixing station, it is necessary to carry out the trial operation of the empty vehicle, and the main inspection contents include whether there is leakage or not, and whether the mixing barrel is normal in rate;

3. If the mixing drum in the asphalt mixing station is in the running direction and the direction of the arrow is inconsistent, then the wiring indicates that there is a problem on the positive and negative poles, which should be inspected and rewired;

4. When the asphalt mixing plant stops working for a period of time, it can be thoroughly cleaned. The internal water must be completely drained to prevent damage to the equipment due to problems in the formulation.

Because the asphalt mixing plant adopts the modular design, it is safer and more convenient to carry. Moreover, the agitated blade design adopts a more unique way. The driving of the power makes the mixing cylinder more reliable and efficient in operation. And the whole mixing work is more relaxed.

The lifting aggregate of the asphalt mixing station adopts the double typesetting lifting method to greatly improve the life of the hoist and ensure the operation is more stable and reliable; and when the equipment is in the drying state , the normal discharge of the entire heat is reduced, and the space is effectively saved.

The asphalt mixing station is on the vibrating screen, and the imported motor is used to ensure the work efficiency is obviously improved. At the same time, the failure rate of the equipment is reduced. The bottom of the silo is reasonable in design and does not need to occupy a large space. The area, the most important place is to make the finished material more convenient and convenient in transportation, while reducing the failure rate to a minimum.

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