Asphalt mixture mixing equipment

11 Jan 2020 09:00

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Asphalt mixture mixing equipment is an essential construction machine in the highway construction industry. It is a relatively complex electromechanical integration equipment, consisting of a cold material supply system, a heating and drying system, a hot material screening system, a hot aggregate system, Powder system, asphalt system, mixing system, finished material system, dust removal system, pneumatic system and control system.

The main function of the cold material supply system, the heating and drying system and the hot material screening system is to store and store the raw materials in a certain ratio under the action of the control system; the hot aggregate system, the powder system and the asphalt system are mainly The role of the control system to weigh and transport the various raw materials required for the production of asphalt mixture; the role of the mixing system is to stir the various raw materials that have been mixed in a certain proportion;
The finished material system transports and stores the asphalt mixture under the control system; the pneumatic system is a part of the execution unit of the control system, such as the switch feeding gate and the discharging gate.

The entire production process, ie cold material supply, heating, screening, weighing, conveying, feeding, stirring and unloading, is automatically completed under the control of the control system.

Obviously, it is a complex system that is constrained by multiple links.

The mixing performance of the asphalt mixing plant, the material dynamic ratio, and the material dynamic weighing accuracy directly affect the quality of the mixture.

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