How asphalt mixing plants work

08 Jan 2020 09:00

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Asphalt is the primary material for road construction, and asphalt mixing is very important.

Asphalt mixture mixing equipment can produce asphalt and modified asphalt mixture and color asphalt mixture, which can be used in construction roads, airports, ports, etc.

Asphalt mixing is divided into two types of movement and fixation from the plants of the relocation method.

Because of its mobility and convenience, it is suitable for repairing low-grade highways, and it is more energy-efficient in the more remote road engineering special actions to reduce data transportation problems.

The fixed asphalt mixing plant is because the high-grade road is suitable for high-grade road construction, and requires a large amount of information. The fixed capacity of the asphalt mixing station is only to satisfy their needs, so as to improve the working efficiency.

Mobile and fixed asphalt mixture mixing equipment, its primary components are cold batching system, drying system, hot material lifting, screening, heat storage system, measuring system and mixing system, heat transfer oil heating asphalt supply system, dust removal system, products The difference between mobile storage and fixed asphalt mixing plants such as commodity storage silos and automatic control systems is based on the fact that the mixing pots need to be fixed to the concrete base to distinguish them.

The preemptive and efficient production equipment has the characteristics of uniform mixing, accurate measurement, high production efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.

The moving and fixed asphalt mixing plant has its own advantages, and the planning of the movable mold is easier to handle. At the bottom of the box structure planning, the area of ​​the area covered by the equipment is greatly reduced.

The fixed asphalt mixing plant covers a relatively large area, but the mobile phones produced by it cannot be replaced.

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