Method for improving production efficiency of asphalt mixing plant

05 Jan 2020 09:01

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Before sharing with you some factors affecting the production efficiency of asphalt mixing plants, then today we will introduce how to reduce the impact of these factors, thereby improving the production efficiency of asphalt mixing plants and ensuring construction quality.

First, the first step is to improve the quality management of raw materials.

In the operation of the asphalt mixing plant, the impact of this factor is actually more critical.

Therefore, we must strictly implement the standard, purchase raw materials in accordance with the tender and fixed-point procurement methods, we must ensure the quality of raw materials, and at the same time choose the right price.

The second step that should be improved is the storage work.

It is best to harden the site where the raw materials are stacked in advance, and to lay out the drainage facilities of the set to facilitate the storage work.

In addition, it should be noted that the aggregates of different specifications should be separated and stored separately. The asphalt stacking pitch should not be too large to reduce segregation; fine aggregates and fillers must be kept dry and not damp; Ensure safety, pay attention to fire and leakage, and properly heat according to the requirements of construction technical specifications.

The third step should be noted that it is necessary to ensure a proper mix ratio.

Only in accordance with the appropriate mix ratio, in the production process of the asphalt mixing plant, the most appropriate amount of asphalt can be given to determine the proportion of the batch of each specification silo.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the observation of the silo feeding situation, timely sampling and analysis of the data, and adjust the primary distribution according to the different characteristics of the raw materials to ensure the stability and continuity of the mixing production.

The fourth place that should be noted, the operator should pay attention to the size of the screen mesh used to meet the production requirements, but also consider the influence of the angle of the vibrating screen, vibration frequency and other factors, and then choose to reduce the amount of material or Overfill, improve the grade quality of asphalt mixture and the productivity of asphalt mixing plant.

The last thing to improve is that you must be clear about your responsibilities.

According to different division of labor, determine the appropriate candidates, the management of the asphalt mixing plant and maintenance, etc., should be carried out according to a set of standards.

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