China's asphalt mixture mixing equipment industry future development direction

02 Jan 2020 09:00

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In order to maintain a competitive advantage, China's asphalt mixture equipment needs to continuously improve its technical level and product quality while adhering to the development trend of the industry, attach importance to brand building, and establish a sales channel suitable for itself.

The main trends of product and technology development in the future industry include: development of large-scale asphalt mixing plant, research and development of energy-saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and recycling of waste asphalt mixture equipment, automatic and intelligent control technology, and supporting components. Independent research and development and manufacturing of components.

1. Development of large-scale asphalt mixing plant: China's large-scale asphalt mixing plant mainly refers to the 4000 type & mdash; 5000 type equipment.

The mixing equipment of model 4000 and above, its technical content, manufacturing difficulty, industrial control methods and energy saving and environmental protection requirements, are not at the same level as the small mixing equipment at the technical level, and the technology to be solved with the increase of the model number The problem will be more and more complicated, and the supply of related components such as vibrating screen, dust removal system and combustion system will be more restricted.

Correspondingly, the single profit margin of large asphalt mixing plant is relatively high.

At present, China's relatively large-scale asphalt mixing plant manufacturing enterprises will put a certain amount of energy into the research and development of large-scale mixing equipment.

In 2011, the top five sales figures of China's 4000-type asphalt mixture mixing equipment manufacturers were CCCC Xizhu, LONTTO GROUP, Amman, Marini and Japanese workers.

2. Energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection: With the improvement of environmental protection requirements by the state, the recent development plan of China's construction machinery industry in the 12th Five-Year Development Plan also clearly sets out the development goals of low carbon, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. The control of dust emission, harmful gas (asphalt smoke) emission, energy saving and consumption reduction is more and more strict, and higher requirements are put forward for the technical development of asphalt mixing plant.

At present, China's advanced asphalt mixing plant manufacturing enterprises, such as China Communications Xizhu, Nanfang Road Machinery, Deji Machinery, Malini, Anmai and other manufacturers have advocated and applied technological innovation, competition for resource recycling and energy conservation. Areas of emission reduction.

The endless stream of asphalt mixing plant has also made a qualitative leap in energy consumption and environmental protection.

3. Recycling equipment for waste asphalt mixture: research and development of asphalt mixing and mixing equipment, recycling, heating, crushing and sifting waste asphalt pavement mixture, and re-producing with regenerant, new asphalt, new aggregate, etc. Mixing into a new mixture and re-laying it onto the road surface can not only save a lot of raw materials such as asphalt and sand, but also help to dispose of waste and protect the environment.

Waste asphalt mixture recycling products will be widely used, and will gradually replace conventional models.

At present, China's leading manufacturers of waste asphalt mixture recycling equipment include Southern Road Machinery, Deji Machinery, and Fujian Tietuo.

At present, China recycles 60 million tons of asphalt annually, and the utilization rate of waste asphalt is 30%. According to the annual processing capacity of 200,000 tons of each asphalt recycling equipment, the annual demand for China's asphalt recycling equipment is 90 sets. It is expected that the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, China Year The recycling of waste asphalt will reach 100 million tons, and the recycling rate will increase to 70%. According to the annual processing capacity of 300,000 tons of each asphalt recycling equipment, the annual demand for China's asphalt recycling equipment will reach more than 230 sets at the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Only consider the special complete asphalt recycling equipment. If the asphalt mixing and recycling equipment is taken into consideration, the market demand will be higher).

As the recycling rate of waste asphalt mixture is bound to increase, China's demand for recycled asphalt mixture equipment will also grow.

At present, in the production of asphalt mixture planting equipment in China, the market share of Deji Machinery is relatively high.

4. Automatic and intelligent control technology: With the user's requirements for humanization, automation control and intelligent control of the equipment, the control system of the mixing equipment will apply a large number of ergonomic design and mechatronics technology to further improve the asphalt mixing. At the same time as the metering accuracy of the mixing equipment, the requirements for automation, intelligent control and monitoring technology are getting higher and higher.

The future control center needs to dynamically monitor all the motor reducer, discharge door, and gas path oil pipeline valves, and feedback the running status of the components in real time; with self-diagnosis, self-repair, automatic fault detection, real-time alarm function; establish equipment operation database It is used for the basis of equipment detection and maintenance; establish user database, record the measurement data of all mixing and matching times, trace back the original proportioning parameters and other functions, thus initially realize unattended automatic production and effectively improve the comfort of control of the mixing equipment. Intuitiveness and ease of operation.

5. The independent research and development and manufacture of the supporting parts, especially the core components: the core supporting parts are the foundation, support and constraint bottleneck for the development of the engineering machinery industry.

When the construction machinery develops to a certain stage, the industry's high-tech research will mainly gather on the core components such as engine, burner, hydraulic, transmission and control system.

However, with the continuous improvement of the host market for asphalt mixing plant in China, the development of core components has been somewhat inadequate. The lack of core technologies and talents has made it difficult for the core components to be controlled by people in a short period of time.

Therefore, enterprises in the industry can expand the industry chain of the industry when possible, and get rid of the shackles of foreign component manufacturers through independent research and development and manufacturing of core components.

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