Selection conditions of vibrating screen of asphalt mixer

30 Dec 2019 09:01

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In the process of road construction, asphalt mixers are bound to be used, and it is not unfamiliar to everyone.

In addition to the overall quality of the machine, the selection and use of components also plays a key role, which will affect the construction quality and production costs.

The screen in the asphalt mixer is taken as an example for specific description.

Regardless of the type of rational mixer, if the quality of the steel of the vibrating screen and the reasonable size of the screen and mesh, and the installation accuracy of the screen are not taken seriously, the first stirring effect will not be ideal. In turn, it affects the use of asphalt. Therefore, the selection of high-quality and high-wearing screens is the basic condition for mixing high-yield and high-quality asphalt, and it can also reduce costs.

Some asphalt mixer manufacturers use inferior screens made of cheaper ordinary steel, ignoring the requirements of special wear-resistant steel wire weaving and elaborate edge wrapping technology, resulting in short service life and serious impact on the normal operation of the unit.

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