How is asphalt mixture made?

24 Dec 2019 09:00

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Making asphalt mixture (mixed)
Like any good recipe, the ingredients should be of high quality and should be carefully measured and cooked at the correct temperature.

In asphalt equipment, the aggregates are precisely mixed into one grade, then dried and heated to the appropriate temperature.

The mixture was then completely coated with liquid asphalt cement.

There are two types of asphalt equipment, batch and drum.

The drum mixing equipment dries the aggregate and mixes it with the asphalt in a continuous process in the same equipment.

For batch mode, the rock is first dried and heated, then added to the mash mill and mixed with the asphalt one at a time.

Transport and place asphalt mix
Once mixed, the bitumen can be loaded into the truck and transported to the construction site.

Then use a paver to place it on the asphalt paving project.

Once the paver is placed with the asphalt mixture, it is compacted with a roller until the number of air holes determined in the mix design or formulation is just right.

Tip: Temperature is very important.

The optimum temperature for mixing, transporting, laying and compacting asphalt pavement depends on the hardness (stickiness) of the asphalt, the time and length of transport to the project site, and when it is compacted.

If the compaction is too hot, the pores are too small and the mat will "push" and rut.

If it is too cold, it is difficult to be compact and the gap is too high.

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