What are the safety application codes for asphalt mixing plants?

21 Dec 2019 09:01

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During the road maintenance, a large amount of asphalt is required, and the asphalt mixing station is responsible for the production of asphalt production equipment. The working efficiency of this equipment is very stable, and the application purpose can also be achieved during the operation. The use of asphalt mixing plant is The construction industry has a major role to play.

In the process of using asphalt mixing plant, the staff needs to know the application specifications of the equipment in order to ensure production efficiency.

In the process of using the asphalt mixing plant, the staff needs to wear the working clothes and protective equipment first. Before starting the asphalt mixing plant for production, it is necessary to check the working state of the equipment. At this time, the equipment can be tested first, so that it can be accurate. When judging the working status of the device, if it finds that the device has any problem of hidden danger, it must stop running and check the device. It can not be put into operation under the condition that the device can not operate normally, which will cause serious consequences.

Before starting the asphalt mixing plant, the staff needs to warn the surroundings first, and the horn can be used to remind the personnel to evacuate the work site to avoid danger and accidents. The equipment can be started after ensuring that there are no problems.

In addition, during the loading process, the staff should pay attention to whether the parking position of the vehicle is appropriate, and also prepare for protection when working at high places to avoid danger during production.

During the production of asphalt by the asphalt mixing plant, if there are some production operations inside and outside the equipment, other staff members are required to take care to ensure that the mixing operation can be carried out at the same time, and these problems need to be paid attention to during the processing and production.

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