Asphalt mixer plays an important role in construction

18 Dec 2019 09:00

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Asphalt mixer plays an important role in the construction. Asphalt is a dark brown high viscosity organic liquid composed of hydrocarbons and non-metals of different molecular weights. It is a waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosive organic cementitious material, while asphalt road It is made of asphalt and cement, mixed with stones. Asphalt is a kind of liquid that is easy to harden. In addition to heating, there is another way to keep stirring, and it is asphalt mixer.

Nowadays, paving the bridges and bridges everywhere, it is because the society is developing greatly, and in these construction projects, the asphalt mixer is indispensable. Without it, it can't continue because the asphalt is hard and it needs to be constantly used. Stirring, only this mixer can do it, and it is impossible to complete it by hand.

Asphalt mixer can also produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture. It is necessary equipment for building highways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports and ports. With the increase of the use rate of asphalt mixers, in order to meet different The demand for asphalt mixers is also increasing. The continuous drum type is produced by continuous uninterrupted mixing. The heating and drying of the aggregate and the mixing of the mixture are continuously forced in the same drum. The heating and drying of the aggregate and the mixing of the mixture are forced to be carried out periodically. Numerous mixing equipments make the project unobstructed.

The asphalt mixer equipment is stirred separately in one pot and one pot. The mixing and output of each equipment are set well, so it is very convenient to produce. It saves time and labor and labor.

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