How should the drying heating system of asphalt mixing station be set?

09 Dec 2018 10:11

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Therefore, we are here today to share some experience and skills on asphalt mixing stations in order to better help you solve some problems at an early date.

Below we will summarize the content to share with you, for your reference.

Drying heating system can be regarded as an important part of the whole asphalt mixing plant, so it is in the actual work, is in the way of countercurrent heating to deal with the material, so as to achieve full dehydration of cold aggregate, but also to heat it to a certain temperature, thus providing the necessary conditions for the normal and continuous operation of the asphalt mixing station.

Because for the asphalt mixing process, only to ensure the normal operation of the heating system, can provide a guarantee for the operation of the entire system, in order to provide the necessary basis for subsequent production, to meet the production requirements of asphalt mixing station.

The combustion device of the asphalt mixing station is used to provide a heat source for the drying and heating of cold aggregate, that is to say, in addition to the need to select the right fuel, it is necessary to select a suitable burner for the asphalt mixing station.

In order to ensure the effect of heating the asphalt mixing station, in addition to the above two devices to be reasonably selected, but also need to take a certain amount of insulation measures.

Asphalt mixer also has a commutator valve, the general situation will not appear problems, so before also did not carefully understand its solution.

But in the actual use of the time, but encountered this aspect of the failure, how to deal with it?Asphalt mixer Commutator valve failure is not complex, that is, the conversion is not timely, gas leakage, electromagnetic pilot valve failure and so on, the corresponding reasons and solutions are of course different.

In order to change the commutative valve is not timely phenomenon, generally because of poor smoothness, spring jammed or damaged, oil or impurities stuck in the sliding part, etc.

, it is necessary to check the status of the oil mist, lubricating oil viscosity, the need to replace lubricating oil or other parts.

  Asphalt concrete Mixing station in the course of operation to have operators to operate, requiring employees have received the post of professional training in the relevant technology, and passed the qualification examination and obtained the operation Certificate of the equipment.

nFirst of all, for different problems, we need to analyze according to the specific reasons, and then take appropriate measures to deal with.

For example, if there is a problem of fatigue damage in some parts of the asphalt mixing station, then how should we deal with it? The best solution to this situation is to start with the manufacture of these parts, such as improving the finish of the parts surface, and to improve the performance of these components by reducing the stress concentration problems of the parts.

In this way, in the use of the process, you can effectively reduce the probability of fatigue damage to the parts.

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The content of the assessment should have the following security system, the task of the work, whether the equipment operation mode is safe, the internal security facilities have not been well maintained and so on.

Electrical-control-system-control-room-300x197.jpg After a long period of use, the commutator valve is prone to valve core seal ring wear, stem and seat damage phenomenon, resulting in gas leakage in the valve.

At this point, the seal ring, stem and seat should be replaced, or the commutator valve should be changed directly for new.

In order to reduce the failure rate of asphalt mixer, usually also need to strengthen maintenance.

nThere is also a situation, if in the production process, these components only simply have friction problems, then how to deal with it? There are two ways to solve this problem, namely: 1, in the production of these parts, as far as possible to use wear-resistant materials, 2, in the design of these asphalt mixing plant used in the shape of the parts, should also take into account the problem of reducing friction resistance.

Attention should be paid to the test error, which should be combined with the actual effect after paving and rolling.

A trial production can not be concluded that equipment control is accurate, should be in the same specification after the cumulative output of 2000t, 5000t, computer statistics, the actual number of materials consumed, the number of finished products and test data together to analyze, in order to draw conclusions.

The precision of asphalt drum Mix plant metering of large asphalt mixture mixing equipment should reach ±0.25%, if this scope is not reached, the cause should be found out and resolved.

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