Does the asphalt mixing plant belong to concrete machinery?

12 Dec 2019 09:01

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Asphalt concrete is a mixture of artificially selected mineral materials with a certain grade and a certain proportion of road asphalt materials, which are mixed under strict control conditions.

Q: Some asphalt concrete mixing equipment is placed in the road machinery. Is asphalt concrete concrete?
Answer: Asphalt concrete is a kind of ore material (gravel or crushed gravel, stone chip or sand, ore powder, etc.) with a certain proportion of asphalt concrete, which is artificially matched with a certain proportion of road asphalt material under strict control conditions. Mixture of mixed ingredients.

asphalt mixing plant is placed in the road machinery
Concrete refers to the collective name of engineering composite materials that are cemented into aggregate by cementitious materials.

Generally speaking, the term concrete refers to the use of cement as a cementitious material, sand and stone as aggregates, and water (with or without admixtures and admixtures) in a certain proportion, after mixing, forming and curing. Cement concrete, also known as ordinary concrete.

It is widely used in civil engineering.

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