Briefly describe the technical improvements that asphalt mixing plant should adopt in order to save energy and reduce emissions.

09 Dec 2019 09:00

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asphalt mixing plant is a kind of equipment used in highway construction. With the development of society, the country has begun to pay more and more attention to highway construction. Therefore, asphalt mixing plant has gradually received attention.

People should know that no matter which country is advocating the concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development, asphalt mixing plant is no exception. It needs to actively respond to the call of the society. What should be taken by asphalt mixing plant for energy saving and emission reduction? Technical improvements This article is followed by a brief introduction.

First of all, if the asphalt mixing plant is in the process of burning, then the coefficient of increasing air can be taken as much as possible so that the material can be more fully burned, thereby obtaining higher chemical performance.

In addition to the air, it is also possible to reduce the heat dissipation area, so that the heat utilization rate can be effectively improved, and the two methods can be combined to save energy as much as possible.

Secondly, asphalt mixing plant can improve the production process of asphalt mixture in order to save energy and reduce emissions. Generally, the temperature of the mixture can reach about 100 degrees Celsius, and users can use it to emulsify asphalt, thus saving Energy is another good role.

When using asphalt mixing plant, in addition to the above points can be used to save energy and reduce emissions, users can also consider the working principle of improving mixing equipment, you can choose different mixing equipment according to the actual situation, so for work efficiency In terms of aspects, there can be a great improvement.

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