Working principle and development space of asphalt mixing station

06 Dec 2019 09:00

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The basic working principle of the asphalt mixing station can be roughly summarized as follows:
Simply put, the asphalt mixing station is actually a set of equipment that can mix and mix several materials in a predetermined proportion to become a relatively uniform mixture. It is widely used at present and is important for the construction of different projects. All aspects also have a great impact on the engineering quality of asphalt pavement.

Generally, the asphalt mixing plant equipment is divided into two structures, and the intermittent structure is relatively complicated in structure and process. For the aggregate, the secondary screening is carried out, and then the batch measurement is performed, etc., for the batching precision is high. The mixing quality is good and can meet different construction requirements.

The continuous type is simple in structure, the operation process is simplified, and the accuracy is slightly poor.

For the current market, due to the special nature of the products, the requirements for the profession are relatively high, so most users have strong recognition capabilities for the products.

However, due to various reasons, the scope of use of asphalt mixing plant equipment, as well as technology, design and other aspects have been limited. Therefore, some companies are not only pursuing the quality marketing of products when they are marketing, but also begin to Building a brand effect will also help the company to achieve better development.

Of course, from the perspective of product price, due to the cruel market competition, it is obviously unreasonable and unreasonable if the enterprise knowledge simply increases the investment in technology, which will lead to a significant increase in costs and reduce asphalt mixing. The price/performance ratio of the station.

Take some of the imported equipment on the market in China, the overall performance is higher, but at the same time the price is relatively expensive.

In terms of development, China still has a certain gap with foreign countries, but its comprehensive performance is not much worse than imported equipment.

And for some of the more critical components are also imported components, asphalt mixing station performance is almost equal, the price is much cheaper.

In other words, for development, it is a very wise choice to be cost-effective.

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