Talking about how asphalt mixing plant is used for grading and segregation of mixture

30 Nov 2019 09:00

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asphalt mixing plant is a common equipment commonly used in modern construction sites. The equipment needs to pay attention to the segregation of asphalt mixture during paving operations, because the quality of the segregation will directly affect the quality of the asphalt, so the mixture appears later. The technology of transfer trucks and re-mixing, but with the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, asphalt mixing plant has integrated the separation of the mixture into the mixing process.

In the asphalt mixing plant, it is necessary to install a system for detection and analysis, in order to randomly analyze the gradation of cold asphalt.

In general, the asphalt detection and analysis system consists of two parts, the sampler and the analyzer. The sampler is installed in the belt conveyor system. The sampling time is very short, about 0.5 seconds, so the belt will not be worn. The delivery has an effect, and the sample is sent to the analyzer for analysis to arrive at a corresponding conclusion.

The step of separating the asphalt mixing plant is to first feed the material into the vibrating screen of the mechanical equipment and sieve it by the vibrating screen. Because the equipment has a certain area, the asphalt will be distributed first when entering the screening, and the fine material will pass first. The filter surface, the thick will also enter slowly, so that the first to enter is fine, and the later is coarse.

After the above screening, the separation of the coarse and fine materials will be formed in the first storage bin.

The above is the relevant steps of the asphalt mixing plant for the grading and separation of the mixture. The technology of the asphalt mixing plant has become more mature, and the competition in the market is getting bigger and bigger. The asphalt mixing plant enterprises need to constantly stand in the market. Innovative and perfect, and guarantee the quality of its products.

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