Analysis of common problems in heavy oil combustion system of asphalt mixing plant

21 Nov 2019 11:36

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Asphalt mixing plant is an important equipment. When it is used, due to its structural complexity, some problems may occur. For example, its heavy oil combustion system often has problems: the burner can not start, the burner can not normally ignite and the flame Accidental extinction, etc.

So, what should I do with these questions?

For the first case, it is also a common one. Because there are many reasons, when the burner of the heavy oil combustion system of the asphalt mixing plant cannot be started, the first problem should be investigated. As follows: check whether the main power switch is normal, whether the fuse is blown; check whether the circuit interlock is open, whether the control panel and the thermal relay are normal, if it is found that the above is off, it should be opened in time; check that the servo motor should be in the low flame position, otherwise Set the adjustment switch to "Auto" or adjust the potentiometer to a minimum; check that the air pressure switch is working properly.

In the second case, the burner cannot be ignited normally.

In response to this phenomenon, we can judge from the experience that the possible causes are: the flame detector mirror is ashed or damaged.

If it is the mirror surface of the asphalt mixing station heavy oil burning system, clean it in time; if the detector is damaged, replace it with a new one.

If the problem persists, then adjust the detector's detection direction to fix it.

Then, the fourth case is that the burner flame of the system is unexpectedly extinguished.

For this kind of problem, if the inspection finds that the nozzle is caused by dust, then it can be cleaned in time.

This situation may also be caused by excessive or insufficient dry combustion air. Then, we can adjust it by adjusting the damper of the blower of the heavy oil combustion system of the asphalt mixing plant.

In addition, you should also check whether the heavy oil temperature is qualified and whether the heavy oil pressure is up to standard.

If it is found that it cannot be ignited after being extinguished, it may be due to excessive combustion air, and it is important to check the piston rod air ratio, cam, linkage mechanism, etc.

For the above problems, when we encounter in the work, we can take the above methods to deal with, to ensure the normal operation of the heavy oil combustion system, and to ensure the stable operation of the asphalt mixing plant.

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