Asphalt mixer disassembly process and tremor

18 Nov 2019 09:00

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The development prospect of asphalt mixer is very good. The competition in the market is also very fierce. When the equipment is in use, the roller and the wheel rail often have uneven wear and tear, and sometimes some abnormal noise and squatting are caused. The main reason for this formation is that the asphalt mixer has a friction between the roller and the wheel rail under the action of the high temperature of the drying cylinder after a certain period of operation.

Under the action of the drying material, the asphalt mixer will experience severe tremors, which will directly lead to improper adjustment of the gap between the wheel rail and the roller, or the mutual position between the two. There is a skew, so the operator needs to add grease to the surface where the roller and the surface of the school wheel are in contact after each day of operation.

When adding grease, it is also necessary to pay attention to adjusting the tightness of the fixing nut in time, and then effectively adjust the clearance between the supporting wheel and the school wheel rail, so that the smooth running between the two can be ensured. The points of contact will be more evenly stressed.

This way the asphalt mixer will not appear to be obstructive when it is running.

The disassembly of the asphalt mixer is a relatively large and complicated process. Before the equipment is disassembled, it is necessary to formulate a feasible solution according to its location and actual conditions. Then all the disassemblers need to carry out comprehensive technical safety communication. Before the disassembly, it is necessary to do a good job in the attachment of the equipment and the inspection and registration of the appearance.

When installing, it is necessary to map the mutual position of the asphalt mixer, so that it is convenient for the staff to refer to when installing. When the asphalt mixer is disassembled, all the cables and wires inside are not allowed to be cut. The internal and external wire numbers and terminals inside the equipment are not allowed. The board number can be disassembled after it has been confirmed that there is no error, otherwise the line number identification needs to be adjusted.

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