What are the requirements of the operator of the asphalt mixing station?

02 Dec 2018 14:48

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At the same time as the demand for fuel changes, the quality requirements of burners are becoming more and more high, good ignition performance, efficient combustion efficiency, wide adjustment ratio, is often the goal of the construction units of each bridge crane Chase.But burner manufacturers are numerous, different brands, only the appropriate choice, in order to meet the above requirements.

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In fact, for the operation of the asphalt mixing station, we must implement it with strict standards, not only to ensure the successful completion of the whole project, but also to ensure the personal safety of our staff.

Therefore, in the operation of equipment, we must require operators should meet certain standards in order to be on the job, the following we will introduce the specific requirements and standards.

In short, all the requirements for operators are in fact to ensure that our production work can be successfully completed, but also to effectively ensure the personal safety of our staff, but also to protect our asphalt mixing plant equipment as far as possible.

(2) Dielectric atomization is through the compressed air of 5~8kg or with pressure vapor pressure to the periphery of the nozzle and fuel pre-mixed combustion, characterized by low fuel requirements (such as residue and other poor oil), but more consumables, higher costs, the current road construction machinery industry using this type of aircraft less.

(3) The Rotary Cup atomization is through a high-speed rotary cup plate (about 6000 rpm) to the fuel out of the atomization.

Can burn poor oil, such as high viscosity slag oil and so on.

But the model is expensive, and the rotary Cup plate is easy to wear, the debugging requirements are very high.

At present, the road construction machinery industry basically do not use this type of aircraft.

1.2 burner According to the machine structure can be divided into all-in-one gun machine and split gun machine(3) The filter installed between the tank and the oil pump shall be cleaned regularly and checked for excessive wear and tear to ensure that the fuel reaches the pump smoothly from the tank and reduces the possibility of failure of the potential components.

The "Y" filter on the burner should be cleaned frequently, especially when heavy oil or residue is used, to prevent clogging of the injector and valve.

When working, check the pressure gauge on the burner to see if it is within the normal range.


Learning, enterprising and innovation are the essence of Wuxi ya Lu's corporate culture.

It is this spirit of inspiration, we will never pause, closely follow the pace of market development, and constantly adjust, optimize the business structure, always maintain a leading position in the construction road equipment industry.

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As asphalt production equipment, asphalt mixers consist of mixing systems, drying systems, combustion systems, heat storage, thermal material lifting, vibrating screens, weighing and mixing systems, asphalt supply systems, powder feeding systems, dust removal systems, finished product silos and control systems.

General Asphalt mixing plants in the construction of our expressway and municipal roads, airports, port roads to play a major role, today by our Ya Lu project we tell you how to choose asphalt Mixing station manufacturers.

First of all, our requirements for operators are that they must undergo professional technical training, and passed the qualification examination and obtained the asphalt mixing station operating documents.

Secondly, an examination should also be arranged on a regular basis to check its safety awareness.

The main contents of the examination are: 1, the security system, 2, the task related to the work, 3, whether the operation mode of the equipment is correct and reasonable, 4, whether the internal safety facilities are reasonable maintenance and so on.

In fact, as an operator, we have to be clear about the main responsibilities of the job, and we must also have certain considerations, as well as preventive measures.

In addition, in the event of some emergencies, there should also be some skills to deal with the problem, which are used as asphalt mixing station operators should meet the requirements.

Asphalt concrete mixing equipment in the process of use, it is easy to produce dust pollution, not only will affect the stirring effect and the normal operation of equipment, but also to the environment and personnel caused harm.

Therefore, in order to prevent two pollution of dust, to avoid damage to the body, must be in the asphalt concrete mixing equipment to set up the necessary dust removal device, play the role of Dustproof.

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