Precautions when using asphalt mixing plant equipment and the basic way to establish asphalt mixing plant

12 Nov 2019 09:00

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Due to the complicated situation of the asphalt mixing plant, when the relevant equipment is used, it must be implemented according to the correct standards. The requirements for the operator are that the precautions related to the use of the equipment must be kept in mind, and the things that must be done must be Doing things and prohibiting things must be avoided. These are all closely related to the production situation.

Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, every staff member should ask himself according to high standards. For example, for strictly prohibited things, in the process of using asphalt mixing plant equipment, in order to prevent impeller damage, the operator must not The device is started with the agitating impeller buried by the solid; at the same time, collision or hammering of the shaft mating surface of the device is not allowed.

Moreover, the test run should be carried out after the addition, and it is not allowed to run at no load.

So, what should be done when building an asphalt mixing plant? Taking into account the importance of its operations, for the establishment of the station, it must be combined with the actual situation, in accordance with the correct method.

Then the first step in building a station is to determine the main machine and the feed batching system, and to be able to meet the maximum daily consumption of the basic principle.

According to the normal situation, in order to ensure the quality of the project, only one asphalt mixing station can be set up in one project, or the mixing station can be set separately according to the partition, or a large mixing station can be set up in a centralized manner and then equipped with a suitable amount of transport vehicles, which can be based on actual conditions. The situation is adjusted.

Then, each mixing station should be equipped with one or two pools, in order to ensure the mixing of the work and the water requirements of the mechanical cleaning work.

In addition, when establishing an asphalt mixing plant, the corresponding cement silo should also be configured, in accordance with the principle that it can meet the needs of plutonium production, and at the same time, the cement backlog cannot occur, and it can be used separately.

Finally, we must consider the delivery of the finished product, which should be carried out according to the standard of meeting the delivery distance and height and the supply of 砼.

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