Various stages of development of China's asphalt mixing plant

06 Nov 2019 09:00

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Up to now, China's asphalt mixing plant has been fully developed independently and has reached the international advanced level.

Prior to this, in fact, it also experienced different stages of self-development, technology introduction, and technical cooperation of simple products.

In fact, the production of asphalt mixing plant in China began in the late 1960s. At first, it developed a self-developed forced batch mixing equipment with a productivity of 30t/h.

But as demand increases, such devices are clearly unable to meet the requirements.

Therefore, since the early 1980s, related R&D manufacturers have introduced 1000 types of asphalt mixing plant production technology and 3000 type asphalt mixing plant from abroad, so that the scale and technology of China's asphalt mixing plant production has been improved to a new one. Level.

By 2000, some of these products had reached the international level in the late 1980s, but as far as the overall level was concerned, the production scale, output, technical equipment and technical level and reliability of asphalt mixing plant in China at that time. There is still a big gap between durability and international standards.

After continuous improvement and development, there have finally been breakthroughs. At present, there are about 100 existing asphalt mixing plant manufacturers in the country.

There are dozens of companies in Wuxi alone, and there are no fewer manufacturers with research and development capabilities.

As a manufacturer of asphalt mixing plant, through continuous introduction, digestion, imitation of foreign advanced technology and independent innovation, the product technology level has been greatly improved, and is developing to the full range, multi-variety, large-scale, high-grade.

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