How to remedy damaged parts in asphalt mixing plant?

31 Oct 2019 09:00

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As we all know, the asphalt mixing plant is in use, due to the complicated situation on the spot, so under the influence of various factors, this or that kind of problem may occur.

Some user friends may not have rich production experience, so when they encounter some problems, they may not be able to handle them well.

So, let's share some of the experience and skills of asphalt mixing plants today to better help you solve some problems at an early date.

Below we will share the contents of the summary for your reference.

First of all, for different problems, we need to analyze for specific reasons, and then take corresponding measures to deal with.

For example, if some parts of the asphalt mixing plant have fatigue damage, how can we deal with it? In this case, the best solution is to start with the manufacturing of these parts, such as improving the surface finish of the parts, and by some methods to reduce the stress concentration of the parts, etc., to improve the parts. performance.

In this way, the probability of fatigue damage of the parts can be effectively reduced during use.

There is also a situation. If these parts are simply friction problems during the production process, what should be done? There are two ways to solve this problem: 1. When using these parts, try to use wear-resistant materials; 2. When designing the shape of the parts used in these asphalt mixing stations, you should also consider reducing The problem of frictional resistance.

Of course, one of the problems we need to pay attention to is corrosion, because corrosion is one of the important reasons for the damage of asphalt mixing plant parts.

For this problem, we should take the approach of using some corrosion-resistant materials to plate the surface of metal parts, or applying oil on the surface of metal parts, to prevent corrosion of parts.

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