Installation and commissioning of asphalt mixing plant equipment

19 Oct 2019 09:00

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With the development of China's economy, road construction has also been greatly developed. In the construction of highways, higher requirements are put forward for the construction quality of the project.

China's highway construction has gradually achieved mechanization, and the development of construction mechanization can greatly reduce the labor intensity, greatly shorten the construction period, and to a certain extent also reflect the modernization of highway construction level.

Mechanization of road pavement includes three main processes of mixing, paving and rolling, and mixing is an important guarantee for ensuring construction quality.

In the mixing process, the asphalt concrete mixing equipment is the first element that determines the progress of the project and the quality of the project. It plays an irreplaceable role in highway construction.

Because it combines a variety of technologies such as mechanical, electrical and automation.

I. Introduction
As an important equipment in highway construction, asphalt concrete mixing plant integrates technologies of various technologies such as mechanical, electrical and automation.

Technically speaking, the maintenance of the asphalt mixing plant is a very important task.

In the construction, we refer to the asphalt concrete mixing building as the asphalt building. Its production capacity, automation degree and measurement accuracy of the control system, and energy consumption rate of the sewage treatment equipment have become the main factors to measure the performance of the asphalt building.

In terms of the installation of the asphalt station, the main contents of the asphalt station assembly include component foundation fabrication, assembly of mechanical metal structures, installation and commissioning of electrical systems, and installation of asphalt heating and piping.

On the basis of the foundation construction of the asphalt building, the mechanical metal structure can be installed in one step, and there will be no major changes and adjustments in the actual production operation in the future.

The main job of the asphalt heating and piping section is to heat the asphalt. The part of the installation is mainly determined by the equipment that heats and stores the asphalt.

In actual production, the stability of the electric drive and control system has become an important factor in the normal production of asphalt buildings.

Second, the installation of asphalt station
1. Site selection
(1) Due to the large workload of large asphalt mixing stations, the floor space requirements are very high.

To fully consider the type of equipment in the construction and the storage capacity of the stone, we should try to choose the vicinity of the middle section of the construction section when considering the site, and also consider whether the source of water and electricity can be guaranteed, transporting raw materials and finished products. It is convenient to get in and out of the asphalt station.

(2) The choice of the external environment of the site should also be noted that the natural conditions should be dry, the terrain should be slightly higher, the groundwater level should be avoided too high, and the geological conditions of the site should be fully understood when site selection to avoid geological conditions. Poor, the gravity of the equipment caused the terrain to sink and deform the equipment.

(3) In the case of simultaneous construction of multiple roads, the easiest way to choose the most suitable location is to calculate various costs and determine the address by the average distance.

2, layout
After site selection, reasonable layout planning should be carried out for the entire construction site. Boiler energy-saving renovation Due to the wide variety of equipment required for large-scale asphalt mixing stations, it mainly includes mixing mainframes, asphalt storage facilities, finished material warehouses, thermal oil furnaces, and barrel removal machines. , distribution room, cable trench, double-layer asphalt pipeline layout, car electronic scale and construction vehicle parking space, equipment maintenance workshop, laboratory and stone mixed material yard; after the start, there will be more than a dozen The raw materials and finished materials enter and exit the mixing station. We must carry out scientific and reasonable planning and layout of the site to avoid unreasonable layout and interfere with the normal construction order.

3, installation
1. Preparation for the installation
(1) Before all the auxiliary equipment and the complete equipment of the mixing station are transported to the construction site, we must draw the overall location map, and ensure that the lifting is successful during the installation process. This is very important if it occurs. A second lifting will result in an additional increase in overall costs.

(2) At the installation site, it should meet the installation requirements and do what we mean by "three links and one leveling".

(3) The installation team must have experience so that it can cope with some problems that arise during the installation process.

2. Supporting facilities required for installation of equipment
1 small car for purchasing and daily office, 1 for 35t and 50t cranes, 1 for 30m long ropes, 10m for retractable ladders, 1 piece, and some common crowbars, sledgehammers, hand saws, electric drills , grinders, crimping tools, various wrenches, seat belts, level gauges and other tools, a ZL50 loader.

3, the order of installation
We generally install in the following order, asphalt auxiliary facilities (boiler) → mixing station → dryer → powder machine → aggregate hopper bag dust collector → cold lift → total distribution → finished product warehouse → central control room → wiring.

4, other work
Since road construction is generally in the summer, when we use some electronic equipment, we should install lightning rods, lightning arresters and other devices to ensure the normal use of electronic equipment.

Third, after the installation of debugging
In the initial assembly of the mixing station, it takes a lot of time and effort to adjust the test machine. There are many problems in the debugging. In the mechanical part, we mainly solve the electrical parts, such as wiring errors, components and The installation position of the control unit is not suitable, the system parameters are not matched, and the like.

In the specific commissioning phase, we have to deal with it according to the actual situation.

1. Preparation before commissioning
In all equipment installations, the staff should check all the wiring before commissioning, and check with the ring paper one by one, use the shaker to check the insulation degree of the motor, and timely deal with the problems, mechanical engineering personnel To check the operation of the mechanical equipment, it is necessary to manually turn it for one week to confirm that there is no card, scraping, grinding or bumping in each link, and add appropriate lubricating oil or grease, adjust the tightness of the transmission belt, and check the connection part. The tightness of the screw.

The test can only be carried out after all electrical and mechanical operations have been carried out.

2, the precautions in debugging
In the commissioning, we should closely observe whether the instrument signal corresponding to each motor is normal, whether the operation button can be used effectively, whether the running direction of each motor is correct, whether the motor can ensure the running of the belt does not occur and slip. phenomenon.

Whether there is a leak in the cylinder work.

In the event of a problem, we should immediately stop the machine and check for malfunctions to ensure that the components of the equipment are in optimum condition.

If all the motors can work normally, we will enter the manual control for the no-load test run. When there are many conditions, the automatic no-load test will be carried out.

Fourth, the precautions during the test run
When the no-load debugging is normal, the load-bearing load test can be performed.

Carefully observe whether the discharge is normal.
Whether the measurement of the electronic scale can be accurately weighed, whether the monitoring system of the input and output of the computer is operating normally, and whether the automation system is operating normally.

When these problems are solved, you can try the mix.

After all the above work is correct, the earth can be buried.

During the construction, it is necessary to ensure that the sanitary environment of the site can be delivered to normal use after reaching the standard.

V. Conclusion
The installation and maintenance of the asphalt mixing plant circuit equipment can not only ensure the quality of the project, but also reduce the cost of the whole project and maximize the construction efficiency. In the process of construction, the electrical circuit should be inspected at any time to avoid safety. The accident happened to strive for a double harvest of social benefits and economic benefits.

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