Faults of air circuit system in asphalt mixing station

29 Nov 2018 14:46

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cold-arregate-supplying.jpg 8, solenoid valve: Also known as electromagnetic commutator valve, Chongqing asphalt Concrete Mixing station by changing the direction of high-pressure gas to promote the piston movement in the cylinder.

In fact, we must also understand that, in view of the current development situation, asphalt mixing stations play a very important role in highway construction.

And in the future development process, the country will continue to adjust, to know that highway construction is an important link to expand domestic demand.

In addition, the feeding and commissioning process, hot silo door, aggregate scale door, mixing cylinder door, finished warehouse cover, finished warehouse door, small door switch position should be correct, the action should be smooth.

nWe found that when the asphalt mixing station was operating under low temperature, because the asphalt circulating pump and spraying pump could not operate, the asphalt in the asphalt scale solidified, which eventually caused the asphalt mixing station to fail to produce normally.

After inspection, it is proved that the asphalt in the asphalt pipeline does not meet the requirements, which causes the bitumen in the pipeline to solidify.

If there are no special requirements, similar mixing equipment is made of carbon steel, it can be applied to most of the operating conditions, as long as the temperature is not higher than 350 ℃ can be, and the price is relatively low.

But asphalt mixing station can not use this material, asphalt is a very hot material, it is not in line with the high temperature resistance, and carbon steel corrosion resistance is poor.

In the process of asphalt stirring, heating is one of the indispensable links, so the asphalt mixing station will inevitably be set up with heating system.

This system can malfunction under the influence of various factors, which indicates that the heating system must be modified.

Second, for some of the more remote areas of the relatively slow economic development, it is now facing a more critical period, the urgent need to use asphalt mixing plant to improve its road facilities.

Of course, in these areas, it is still dominated by small and low-priced mixing stations.

In addition, from the perspective of China as a whole, we will find that the requirements for equipment today also have a more large-scale trend.

nThe fourth is that in the asphalt mixing plant, its pneumatic components may cause failure.

The main problems that may arise include: 1, oil mist liquid oil droplets can not be atomized, 2, automatic sewage in the oil and water can not be automatically eliminated, 3, muffler sensitivity is disturbed.

These issues also need to be addressed through targeted measures after the causes have been identified.

nTherefore, we mainly share today on the asphalt mixing station Air road system is relatively easy to appear some of the fault phenomenon, I hope to help you.

The first is the fault of the gas source, in fact, the so-called gas source failure includes many kinds, and many parts may have this problem.

For example, in the case of air compressor, there may be the problem of slow pressure rise, as for the pipeline, may also be due to joint leakage and hose rupture caused by leakage and so on.

Attention should be paid to the test error, which should be combined with the actual effect after paving and rolling.

A trial production can not be concluded that equipment control is accurate, should be in the same specification after the cumulative output of 2000t, 5000t, computer statistics, the actual number of materials consumed, the number of finished products and test data together to analyze, in order to draw conclusions.

The precision of asphalt metering of large asphalt mixture mixing equipment should reach ±0.

25%, if this scope is not reached, the cause should be found out and resolved.

We know that in recent years China's Asphalt Batch Mix Plant industry has developed a good momentum, at the same time also caused some problems.

For example, some customers will be more worried about the investment problem.

As things stand, China's investment in provincial links and county and township road network reconstruction projects is increasing.

In particular, there is a high demand for small and medium-sized asphalt mixing stations below type 2000.

;aspahlt-for-sale-LB2000-1.jpg According to the above analysis, it is necessary to make the transformation of the thermal conductivity oil heating system of the asphalt mixing station, including the position of the higher oil filling tank, the installation of the exhaust valve, the trimming of the conveyor pipe, and the addition of the booster pump and the insulation layer.

After improvement, the temperature of asphalt mixing station only meets the requirements, and the parts are running normally.

The specific reason is that there are four possibilities, one is that the high oil tank of the heat conduction oil is too low, resulting in a poor circulation of the heat conduction oil; the other is the eccentricity of the inner layer tube of the double tube; the other is that the heat conduction tubing passes long;

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