Asphalt mixing station dust collector selection

10 Oct 2019 09:00

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Asphalt mixing station dust collector dust parameters are very complicated, so it is very important for the performance requirements of the bag filter. Let us first look at how to choose the asphalt concrete mixing station bag filter, and then we will study the determination of the dust bag.

Design and equipment selection of dust removal system for asphalt concrete mixing plant
1) For asphalt concrete mixing plants, the pollution sources are usually combined and blended, and the single-column hydraulic machine is designed with a dust removal system.

The dust removal process adopts a two-stage dust removal method of a cyclone (or inertia) dust collector and a bag filter; the front cyclone dust collector collects coarse dust and hot sparks as an aggregate recycling; the rear stage bag filter collects particles. Dust and purify harmful gases, and collect dust as mineral powder into a mixer for recycling.

The two stages can be combined into one.

2) The aggregate dry flue gas and the asphalt stirring flue gas should be blended as early as possible before the pre-duster, and the asphalt tar is adsorbed by the lime powder and the aggregate.

An emergency field damper and a temperature control alarm device are arranged in front of the bag filter.

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