Do you know the advanced features in the asphalt mixing plant control system?

07 Oct 2019 10:05

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We know that in the asphalt mixing plant, which includes different systems, each system has different division of labor, and these systems work together to keep the work of the asphalt mixing plant in a stable state.

Among them, there is a system called control system. In fact, there are still many advanced functions in the control system. For these advanced functions, I don't know how much you know.
If you are not sure, it doesn't matter, let's talk to you now about what advanced features are included in the asphalt mixing plant control system.

The specific contents include: industrial control computer, I/O acquisition and high-precision weighing system in the control system.

In the work, it can combine the production process and quality requirements, under the function of the control software, realize the automatic control of data collection and production, and record the production data information in real time.

In addition, data management is possible, and multiple production reports can be queried and printed.

Through the understanding of these contents, it is presumed that everyone now has a clear understanding of the advanced functions included in the asphalt mixing plant control system.

In short, the hardware configuration of the system is scientific, the overall stability is good, the function is powerful, and the operation is simple.

For the user, it is not only convenient to use, but also significantly improves work efficiency.

So, what are the specific functional characteristics of the asphalt mixing plant control system? In order to facilitate everyone to better understand and learn, we have specifically summarized these contents, and now share the content to everyone: 1, automatic moisture conversion function; 2, batch data can be automatically converted to reduce the workload, while reducing Error rate; 3, automatic compensation, automatic deduction and automatic adjustment of the parameters of the ingredients, improve the accuracy of the ingredients; 4, automatic continuous production function, significantly improve work efficiency.

The asphalt mixing plant we mentioned before is complicated in its work. The knowledge involved is very wide. Therefore, we should pay more attention to this knowledge, which will not only help the smooth completion of the work, but also improve our working ability. .

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