Reveal the process of circulating heating of asphalt mixing plant

01 Oct 2019 09:01

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A special feature of the asphalt mixing plant is that it can be heated cyclically to achieve optimum asphalt quality.

But how does this function work? Everyone is curious about this.

In fact, it is very simple. The asphalt mixing device is composed of a sealed casing, a wick that is in close contact with the surface of the casing, and a working fluid that is vacuum-packed and sealed in the casing. When the heat source heats one end of the heat pipe, The working fluid will boil and evaporate.

At this time, the steam will flow to the cold end of the heat pipe at a high speed under the action of the pressure difference, and then the latent heat will be released from the cold end to condense; due to the capillary suction force of the wick, the condensate will return from the cold end to the hot end. .

This is how the heat is continuously transferred from the hot end to the cold end, and the cold end is circulated to the hot end to meet the relevant requirements of the asphalt mixing process.

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