Environmentally friendly design of bottom bin type asphalt mixing plant

28 Sep 2019 09:00

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Today, many asphalt mixing plants are green products, and the bottom tank type asphalt mixing plant is a representative one. Whether it is structural design or technical treatment, energy conservation and environmental protection are the basic principles.

The bottom bin type asphalt mixing plant adopts the first-class bag dust removal plus two-stage inertial dust collector system, as well as the dust-proof negative pressure building design, which can effectively control the dust emission and play a good role in energy saving and emission reduction.

At the same time, based on international environmental standards, the equipment is not only achieved in terms of dust emissions, but also in acid emissions and noise control.

Moreover, its unique blade mixing system design and special power drive mode make the mixing more reliable and safe; the modular design helps to improve the boundary of equipment installation and handling; and the finished silo with bottom and symmetrical structure, It can effectively save the use area and reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

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