What kinds of raw materials can be made using asphalt mixing plant?

25 Sep 2019 09:01

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At present, many areas need to maintain and construct roads, railways, etc., and in this process, a large amount of asphalt raw materials are needed. In order to ensure the supply of asphalt, asphalt mixing plant can be used to process and produce asphalt raw materials. It can provide people with sufficient asphalt raw materials on time.

Although asphalt is used in many places in life, there is not much understanding of this material. In fact, there are many classifications of asphalt raw materials, and different asphalts can be used in different places.

Then, the asphalt mixing plant can complete the production of several kinds of asphalt raw materials. Now the coal tar pitch used by people can directly complete the production process through the equipment. The color of the coal tar pitch is different from the ordinary asphalt, and the surface is black. Asphalt is sensitive to temperature changes, so pay attention to the environment when using coal tar pitch. When the asphalt is heated at high temperature, it will release pungent odor. Therefore, pay attention to temperature control during production and heating.

Petroleum asphalt is also a relatively common raw material. This kind of asphalt can also be processed by using asphalt mixing plant. Although petroleum asphalt is also black, this black and coal tar pitch is different. The black of petroleum asphalt is more lustrous. Moreover, the tolerance to temperature is relatively strong, and it is not easy to change when encountering the same high temperature conditions, but the odor emitted by asphalt is something that people need to pay attention to because the asphalt contains some toxic substances which are not good for human health.

When the asphalt is produced by the asphalt mixing plant, the raw materials can be added in combination with the use requirements, and the processing flow can be completed according to the correct operation method of the equipment.

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