What are the common hardware failures in asphalt mixing plants?

19 Sep 2019 09:00

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Asphalt mixing station is a professional equipment with complex systems. It is inevitable that some problems will occur during the use.

So, what are the common hardware failures in asphalt mixing plants, do you know?

(1) Due to the complexity of the system, when different components have problems, the problems may be different.

If during the operation, it is found that the loading of each silo is not accurate, this problem may be caused by the failure of the sensor of the asphalt mixing station. At this time, stop the inspection and replace the new sensor if necessary.

It may also be caused by the seizure of the scale, and the foreign matter should be removed in time.

(B) There is a more common problem, that is, the cold feed device does not work properly.

In this case, there may be multiple reasons. First of all, we may analyze that it may be because the gravel or debris is stuck under the cold material belt. Please do it in time.

It may also be caused by a circuit failure. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the motor control inverter of the asphalt mixing station is abnormal, and whether the line link is normal or not.

There may also be belt slippage and deviation caused by the deviation. For this kind of problem, re-adjust the belt tightness.

(3) There is an abnormal sound during the operation.

Normally, this noise is emitted by the mixer, indicating a problem with the mixer.

This kind of problem may be caused by the instantaneous overload operation, which causes the fixed position of the drive motor to be misaligned. It may also be that the fixed bearing of the equipment is seriously worn and needs to be replaced or repaired.

If the inspection finds that the mixer arm and other parts are seriously worn, it must be replaced in time to avoid affecting the production work.

If the mixer discharge temperature of the asphalt mixing station is not normal, check the cleaning device for any abnormality and keep the temperature sensor clean.

The above is the common hardware failure problem in the operation of asphalt mixing plant. I hope that after learning, we can avoid these problems in the production process and ensure the work efficiency.

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