Precautions for metering operation of asphalt mixing equipment

26 Nov 2018 14:40

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When the asphalt discharge mixer, it is necessary to close the door reliable, and check whether there are residual slurry blockage or leakage and other undesirable phenomena, if there is a need to pay attention to, timely inspection and maintenance.
The fourth factor may be caused by an incorrect operator operation.

Mainly for some time regulation, does not meet the standard production procedures, so will affect the entire output, resulting in low efficiency of asphalt mixing station.

In addition, the field operators violate the operating procedures or lack of circuit professional maintenance knowledge, short circuit or illegal debugging, resulting in line impassable, signal failure, will affect the normal production of asphalt mixture.

If there are no special requirements, similar mixing equipment is made of carbon steel, it can be applied to most of the operating conditions, as long as the temperature is not higher than 350 ℃ can be, and the price is relatively low.

But asphalt mixing station can not use this material, asphalt is a very hot material, it is not in line with the high temperature resistance, and carbon steel corrosion resistance is poor.

asphalt drum Mix plant production is the key step of asphalt pavement construction, generally by the Construction Contracting Unit (Party A, hereinafter referred to as the Construction party) to bear.

However, for small and medium-sized pavement projects, maintenance projects or large-scale projects with tight schedule, the use of direct procurement and construction site near the asphalt mixing plant (party B) finished asphalt mixture method, can effectively reduce construction costs, reduce construction preparation time, shorten the duration, and reduce the number of management objects and coordination objects, At present, the operation mode of this kind of mixed material production (or transport) subcontracting is quite common in small and medium-sized construction projects.

Transport distance has an impact on project cost, quality, schedule and safety.

When the mixing plant is close to the construction site, the unit price of asphalt mixture is lower, the heat aging and temperature segregation degree is lighter, the coordination workload of transportation organization and Traffic management department is reduced, the transportation safety risk is reduced, and the irregular delay of the attendance time caused by the long distance can be avoided, so as to ensure the continuity of construction.

Determining the material is a necessary stage in the design process of asphalt mixing equipment, and it is also one of the key links, because the material will be directly related to the use effect and service life of the whole equipment.

Generally, when we determine the machine material, we usually use the characteristics of the working medium as the basis.

  If the burner does not ignite properly when the mine is heated, it should be carried out according to the steps: (1) first check whether the ignition combustion conditions inside the operating room meet the relevant requirements, including blower, belt, electric fuel pump, drying drum, fan and other equipment power opening and through the situation, The starting condition is observed, and then the ignition position is checked to see if there is a fan door and the closure of the cold air gate, and whether the switch, the drying drum and the internal pressure detection instrument are in the manual position and the manual state.

(2) If the above factors do not affect the ignition situation, it should be checked for initial ignition, fuel conditions and fuel access congestion, and then check the burner ignition motor ignition, high-pressure packet combustion, if all are normal, in check whether the electrode has too much oil or excessive distance between the electrodes and other abnormal phenomena.

(3) If all of the above is normal, it should check the operation status of the fuel pump, at the same time check the outlet pressure of the pump oil, to detect whether it can meet the requirements and the closure of the compressed air valve.

In view of all the above requirements, stainless steel asphalt mixers can be used, or glass-lined materials.

However, no matter what kind, there is a finer classification of materials, so according to their own agitation conditions, mixing temperature and corrosive aspects to determine the specific model.

  LB-2000 Asphalt Mixing Station Working principle is: (1) first by the central control room issued the opening command, cold silo cold material received the relevant command, through the belt conveyor will be related materials (aggregate, powder) to the drying drum for drying, after drying through the hot material hoist to transport it to the vibrating screen, and screening treatment.

(2) The sieve material is transported to different heat silo rooms, the respective doors are measured by electronic scales of the relevant weight value, and then put into the mixing cylinder, and then weigh the hot asphalt, and spray it into the mixing cylinder.

(3) Fully stir the mixture in the mixing cylinder, and eventually form the finished material, transport it to the trailers.

The trailers is transported through the track, unloading the finished material into the storage tank and placing it on the transport vehicle through the unloading gate.

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