What details should you pay attention to when managing asphalt mixing plants?

01 Sep 2019 09:01

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Asphalt mixing plant may have unexpected dangers during use, so we must pay great attention to the management. For example, we must not use the land as a neutral line, but design a safe and reliable electrical circuit diagram. Such lines shall be suspended in the air; when the mixing equipment is assembled, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of electricity. All the pipelines must be properly placed to prevent crushing or damage during work, resulting in accidents.

Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal maintenance of the asphalt mixing plant. Before starting, the air switch must be disconnected and designated to guard against accidents.

Always check the main switch button of the console, the accuracy and reliability of the indicator.

When the asphalt mixing plant is working, no one should enter the lifting hopper track or stand under the track. When entering, the hopper should be lifted to a safe place and secured with a safety clasp to ensure safety.

As its foundation, drainage must be considered and no water should be accumulated.

At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the upper and lower limit switches of the hopper of the asphalt mixing station are safe and reliable; when stirring, it is strictly prohibited to stop in the middle. If there is a power outage accident in the middle, press the discharge button immediately, open the discharge door, and put the mixing inside the mixing tube. Material to prevent induration.

If the asphalt mixing station is installed higher than the surrounding buildings, it is necessary to install lightning protection facilities on the original basis to prevent lightning strikes, damage to the equipment, and affect the normal operation of the mixing work.

In short, we must ensure the quality of the equipment in order to have better engineering quality.

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