Factors related to displacement of drying drum in asphalt mixing station

29 Aug 2019 09:00

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Regardless of the type of asphalt mixing plant equipment, the drying drum is one of the necessary equipment.

Typically, a rotating drying drum is a balancing system in motion.

The drum rotates the drying drum through the driving ring gear between the two rolling rings to ensure that the drum is in a state of dynamic balance, and if there is an accidental influence, the drum will be displaced.

After the displacement of the drying drum of the asphalt mixing station will easily lead to increased friction and increased wear, what are the reasons for this?

The first reason is that the temperature difference causes deformation.

The reason why the temperature will be different is usually caused by these kinds of conditions: 1. Improper operation. When the temperature reaches the standard, the drying drum is not deformed due to timely feeding; 2. After the production is stopped, the shutdown is too early to cause the deformation of the drying cylinder; The asphalt mixing station suddenly has a power outage during the production process.

The second reason may be that an abnormality has occurred inside the drying drum.

The drying drum of the asphalt mixing station consists of different parts. During the production process, due to the collision and friction between different parts in the cylinder, the internal parts are easily damaged or dropped in the long run, breaking the dynamics of the drum. balance.

Therefore, inspections should be carried out on a regular basis and in a timely manner.

For the third reason, there is no regular inspection work.

Because the parts will loosen during long-term use, this looseness will gradually lead to the movement of the rolling ring, which will also break the dynamic balance of the drying drum.

In another case, since the drying drum does not have a displacement along the longitudinal axis of the cylinder for a long time, it is presumably because the rolling ring and the tug only temporarily maintain the frictional driving of the surface, and if damage occurs, the asphalt will also be caused. The dynamic balance of the drying drum of the mixing station was destroyed.

The fourth reason is that there is no leveling during the installation process.

This is also a relatively easy to ignore factor. Because the foundation is not flat, the roller chassis is not on the same level, and it is easy to cause the dynamic balance state of the drying drum of the asphalt mixing station to be damaged.

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