Technical advantages of the process of emulsifying modified asphalt fiber gravel seal

26 Aug 2019 09:00

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Technical advantages of the process of emulsifying modified asphalt fiber gravel seal
(1) Good stress absorption and dispersion ability
The fiber asphalt gravel seal with unique structure of network winding effectively improves the tensile, shear, compressive and impact strength of the seal due to the high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity of the fiber itself.

On the one hand, the large-area dispersion of the fiber asphalt gravel seal reduces the tension of the lower layer and effectively suppresses the crack generation; on the other hand, it absorbs and disperses the reflection stress on the original crack of the asphalt pavement, and eliminates the crack of the old asphalt pavement. The stress concentration generated by the tip can effectively suppress the occurrence of reflection cracks, effectively prevent the road surface damage caused by excessive load on the vehicle, and greatly improve the service life of the road.

(2) High wear resistance
After the construction of the fiber asphalt gravel sealing equipment, the gravel aggregate is spread immediately after it, and the aggregate after the spreading enters the mesh structure formed by the fiber and the asphalt binder. After compaction, the aggregate is combined with the mesh. The structure is tightly wrapped to form a composite mechanical interlocking system. The fibers, asphalt and aggregate are closely connected, which effectively inhibits the slippage and shedding of the aggregate.

Therefore, the use of fiber asphalt gravel seal layer for wear layer construction can greatly improve the wear resistance of the road surface and prolong the service life.

(3) Water resistance
Since the emulsified asphalt and the glass fiber or basalt fiber are sprinkled (sprayed) by a fiber asphalt sealing machine, the fiber and the asphalt are effectively combined into a mixture, and the waterproof performance of the original asphalt pavement can be improved, and crack generation and development can be prevented. Thereby producing the desired adhesion and having a good waterproof effect.

(4) High temperature stability
Combined with the formation mechanism of the fiber asphalt gravel seal layer, the structure is a layer of asphalt + layer fiber + a layer of asphalt continuous construction + a layer of gravel formed by an interactive dense network winding structure.

The continuous spreading of the two layers of asphalt further improves the sealing property of the sealing layer. In addition, the fibers which play the role of reinforcement and bridging in the structure have a strong adsorption effect on the two layers of asphalt binder before and after, and it can be easily adsorbed. The oil in the asphalt increases its viscosity and adhesion, can effectively prevent the flow of asphalt, and forms a dense protective film on the original road surface, which acts as a high temperature stability, toughening and cracking resistance to the asphalt, thereby avoiding high temperature. The pavement damage caused by oil flooding has better protected the early destruction of the road water infiltration and stabilized the life of the road.

(5) Construction quickness
Accelerating maintenance construction speed and shortening open transportation time are also one of the criteria for measuring the advanced nature of road maintenance technology.

The fiber asphalt gravel sealer completes two layers of asphalt spreading and one layer of fiber spreading on one piece of equipment.

After the asphalt and fiber are sprinkled (spreaded), the gravel spreader immediately carries a layer of gravel and immediately completes the construction of the fiber asphalt gravel seal.

This continuous construction process greatly shortens the maintenance time of the asphalt pavement and shortens the time for opening traffic.

The traffic can be opened at a speed limit one hour after the construction in the summer high temperature period.

The fiber asphalt gravel sealing process with the above excellent performance can be widely applied to road construction and maintenance.

For example, it can be used as a stress absorbing layer to prevent reflection cracks; the wear-resistant layer of the old asphalt pavement is used for preventive maintenance; the lower seal layer construction of various grades; the old cement pavement reconstruction, and the construction of the bridge waterproof layer.

Provide a powerful weapon for China's road maintenance business.

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