How to determine the material of asphalt mixing plant?

08 Aug 2019 09:00

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Determining the material is a necessary stage in the design process of the asphalt mixing plant, and it is also one of the most critical steps, because the material will directly affect the use effect and service life of the entire equipment.

Generally, when we determine the material of the machine, it is usually based on the characteristics of the working medium, and of course the asphalt mixing plant.

If there are no special requirements, similar mixing equipment is made of carbon steel, which can be applied to most working conditions, as long as the temperature is not higher than 350 ° C, and the price is relatively low.

However, this material cannot be used in asphalt mixing plants. Asphalt is a very good temperature material, it does not meet the high temperature resistance, and the corrosion resistance of carbon steel is poor.

In view of the above requirements, a stainless steel asphalt mixer or a beryllium glass material can be used.

However, no matter which one, there is a finer material classification, so the specific model should be determined according to its own mixing conditions, stirring temperature and corrosiveness.

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