Safety code for the use and maintenance of asphalt regenerative heat equipment

23 Nov 2018 14:31

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Burner: Procurement of special imported automatic low-noise burner, adjustment ratio of 1:7, the use of hot oil insulation.

Improve the accuracy of stone temperature control, improve thermal efficiency and broaden the range of fuel use (can burn heavy oil, diesel) to reduce production costs.

Asphalt regenerative heating equipment and asphalt mixing equipment, but also asphalt construction does not have to be less devices, of course, there are also risk factors.

In this case, it is more appropriate to operate the asphalt regenerative heat equipment, so that its safe production.

Asphalt mixture Mixing Equipment1.

Cold Hopper2, aggregate Conveyor3, the feeding conveyor4, Drying drum5.


Primary worm gear Precipitator7, two class bag dust collector8, cold air valve9.

Wind turbine10.

Stone Hoist11.

Vibration Sieve12, hot aggregate storage warehouse13.

Metering System14.

Mixing Cylinder15, mineral powder storage tank16.

Waste Powder Storage tank17.

Finished Warehouse18.

Scrap Bucket19.

Operating Room20.

High Temperature tank21, heat conduction oil furnaceVibrating screen: The use of double motor vibration, so that the entire vibrating screen force uniformity, screening area is large, high efficiency, complete screening.

First of all, we have to sum up where there is a loss of energy consumption, and then in order to find a reasonable solution based on these problems.

Through the research, it is found that there are four problems in the process of using asphalt mixing station and the production of asphalt mixture, and its contents and measures are as follows:We know that in asphalt mixing plant, it includes different systems, each system division of labor is different, these systems cooperate with each other, so that the work of asphalt mixing station to maintain a stable state.

Among them, there is a system called control system, in fact, in the control system there are a lot of advanced functions, for these advanced features, do not know how much you understand?At present, most of the asphalt mixing stations in use, there are different degrees of energy consumption loss, and these losses have brought us a serious waste, how to reduce energy consumption in these areas, to achieve efficient production?The fourth aspect, the use of more advanced technology, so as to properly control the asphalt mixing station on the temperature requirements of hot mix mixture.

In recent times, less energy consumption of temperature-mixed asphalt technology has been rapid development, it is very beneficial to the current energy saving and emission reduction policy.

Asphalt regenerative heat equipment after a period of use after the need to clear slag, slag cleaning should pay attention to the concentration of force, to prevent bumps.

At the same time, it is necessary to regularly observe the use of the bottom of the pot and the use of asphalt valves, if there is damage should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

When using Asphalt Batch Mix Plant regenerative heat equipment to boil asphalt, the asphalt should be kept at the specified temperature, and the staff should not leave the hearth without permission to prevent the occurrence of fire.

To this end, the workplace must be ready for special fire equipment, and often check its quality, fire equipment placement should be smooth road.

In the second aspect, the energy consumption of asphalt mixing station can be realized by improving the performance of aggregate drying heating system The specific measures are as follows: 1, as far as possible to fully burn the fuel; 2, reduce the excess air coefficient of the burner; 3.

Reduce the cold air inhaled from the inlet of the cold aggregate; and reduce the temperature of the gas at the outlet of the drying cylinder; 6, reduce the heat dissipation loss of the drying cylinder wall; 7.

Shortening the path length of gas discharged into the atmosphere can reduce the heat dissipation area of gas in the pipeline, thus reducing the heat loss in the gas; 8.

Reduce the heat loss of the heat aggregate of the drying cylinder at the processAsphalt regenerative heating equipment operators must wear protective supplies to prevent bumps and burns, at the same time to often carry out indoor ventilation, thus reducing the toxicity of asphalt vapor.

During the operation of the equipment, no one is prohibited from pot table, and safety measures must be taken to avoid accidents if the work requires it.

aspahlt-for-sale-LB1200-1.jpg Then to the asphalt regenerative heating equipment in the pot to add asphalt, not too full, add to the groove along about 6 cm on it, in order to avoid asphalt heating boiling when overflowing, resulting in fire.

And when feeding, be careful not to leak the asphalt on the ground.

The first aspect, for the management of the material heap, we can reduce the energy consumption of asphalt mixing station through 3 specific methods: 1, properly reduce the stacking height of the material heap, 2, build a sloping, with a good drainage structure of the heap site, 3, build a waterproof rain shed.

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