What factors will the asphalt mixing plant control system interfere with?

02 Aug 2019 09:00

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When we do some work, there may be some factors that may interfere with some factors.

For example, in the work, the asphalt mixing plant control system is susceptible to interference from some factors.

The so-called interference, also known as noise, refers to those electrical signals that are independent of the signal.

Interference may cause errors in the weighing system, communication interruptions, etc.

After summarizing and analyzing the previous production work, we found that the interference often encountered by the asphalt mixing plant control system usually includes four types, namely, the introduction of interference in the signal line, the introduction of alternating magnetic field by the actuator, and the introduction of lightning. Interference and leakage of charged body introduce interference.

In order to facilitate everyone's understanding, next, we will introduce these kinds of interference cases in turn.

Let me explain the first interference situation first.

In the control system of the asphalt mixing plant, if several signals are transmitted at the same time, there are some distributed capacitances between these signal lines. Under the influence of these factors, it is easy to cause some interference between each other, that is, Interference is introduced in other signal lines.

The second type of interference is related to the working environment.

When using an asphalt mixing plant, if there are some large-scale electrical equipment in the vicinity of it, the spark generated when the switch is closed and disconnected during the start-stop process will generate a large alternating magnetic field around it. Therefore, there will also be interference.

If these disturbances are large, it will affect the work of the system.

The third is mainly the influence of natural factors.

In our lives, there are many natural phenomena. Lightning strikes are one of them. Lightning strikes may cause large electromagnetic interference around the control system of the asphalt mixing plant, and may also introduce interference through various lines.

In addition, there is also a situation that can cause infection. In the working process of the asphalt mixing plant, if there are leakage problems of other charged equipment used, it will also cause great interference to its control system.

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