What is the fault of the electronic control system of the asphalt mixing plant?

30 Jul 2019 09:00

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The core of the asphalt mixing plant is its electronic control system. If it has problems, it will bring a lot of trouble to the use.

However, in the actual use process, the electronic control system in the asphalt mixing station will inevitably encounter some problems, how to solve this problem?
If only the meter display of the asphalt mixing station electronic control system is inaccurate, it may indicate that the weighing system is affected by external force; or the sensor drift error causes the weighing zero or the weighing pitch to change; it may also be caused by sensor damage.

In the face of similar problems, the first thing to do is to eliminate the external force of the asphalt mixing station electronic control system and recalibrate the weighing zero.

If it is a multi-sensor weighing, it is necessary to consider the eccentric load; if the eccentric load, a sensor may be damaged or the cable is loose or damaged, in this case, the sensor should be replaced and the cable checked.

Sometimes, the batching accuracy of the asphalt mixing station electronic control system will become worse. It is expressed in the batching process, the weighing value displayed by the batching control meter is accurate, but the weighing value of the ingredients does not match the set value. The accuracy is outside the allowable range.

There are many reasons for such failures, including improper setting of fast and slow ingredients; large fluctuations in feed flow rate result in large changes in overshoot; large changes in dry and wet materials; tolerance setting values ​​are too large; The delay check delay time setting is too short; the meter parameter automatic compensation and the out-of-tolerance check setting are unreasonable; the digital filter and the batch time parameter value setting are unreasonable, and the like.

It must be clarified; the specific cause of the failure in the asphalt mixing plant can be solved in a targeted manner. For example, the initial overshoot should be as close as possible to the actual value; at the same time, the flow rate of the ingredients should be appropriately reduced to ensure the balance of dry and humidity of the material; And the allowable deviation value is set to not exceed the range of the batching accuracy; other parameters should be set reasonably.

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