Analysis of future development trend of asphalt mixing plant

24 Jul 2019 09:00

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We know that if asphalt mixing plant equipment companies want to maintain a competitive advantage, they should not only follow the main trends of existing development, but also continuously improve their own technical level and product quality. At the same time, they need to pay more attention to brand building and establish their own development. The required sales system.

So, what kind of development trend will the asphalt mixing plant industry show in the future?

In response to this question, we believe that it can be introduced separately from five aspects.

The first major trend is likely to continue to develop large asphalt mixing plant equipment.

In fact, the requirements for the application, technical content, manufacturing difficulty, control methods, energy conservation and environmental protection of large equipment are very strict, and the problems they face will be more complicated and more diverse.

However, the profits it brings will also increase.

The second major trend is to become more inclined to develop asphalt mixing plant equipment with energy saving and environmental protection functionality.

This is not only due to the promotion of national policies, but also the requirements put forward by economic development.

At present, foreign advanced production companies are also aware of this problem, and have advocated and applied technological innovation, and constantly pursued more environmentally friendly equipment, and now have achieved good results.

The third trend presented is the asphalt mixing plant equipment with the recycling function of waste asphalt mixture.

We can see that the recycling rate of waste asphalt mixture in the market is increasing continuously. Therefore, China's demand in this area is also rising.

The fourth trend is toward the direction of automatic and intelligent control.

This will make our production work more efficient and easier to operate.

The last trend is the accessories associated with asphalt mixing plant equipment, especially for the independent development and creation of core components.

We must realize that the core components have always been the main factors restricting the development of China's construction machinery industry.

Only by continuously strengthening the research technology in this area can we get rid of the shackles of foreign component manufacturers.

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