Maintenance of drying drum for asphalt mixing plant

21 Jul 2019 09:01

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1, pay attention to routine inspection
asphalt mixing plant drying cylinders have been tested and inspected before leaving the factory, but will be subjected to bumps and vibrations during transport to the site. A thorough inspection should be carried out before use: check that all bolts are tightened; all key pins are reliable Drive in; all drive units are adjusted according to the manufacturer's instructions; all pipes are connected correctly, the pipe joints are safe and reliable; whether the machine is thoroughly lubricated; start the motor and check that all parts can rotate smoothly in the correct direction of rotation; Whether the pressure gauge works normally, whether the safety valve is adjusted at the correct pressure; whether the burner ignition mechanism is applicable and whether the valve is open.

2, the correct method of operation
After the machine is started, it is recommended to manually operate the equipment at the beginning to reach the specified production capacity and discharge temperature before switching to the automatic control mode.

The aggregate should be dried and have as constant a moisture content as possible to maintain a constant final temperature as the aggregate flows through the drying cylinder.

If the aggregate sent to the drying cylinder changes frequently and the water content of each batch changes, the burner should be adjusted frequently to compensate for these changes.

Aggregates directly from the rolling mill have almost constant water content, while aggregates taken from open pits have higher water content, and the water content of different piles varies greatly.

Therefore, the aggregate is preferably taken from the same source.

3, reasonable maintenance
(1) When the equipment is not running, the aggregate is not allowed to stay in the drying cylinder. At the end of each working day, the equipment should be operated to unload the aggregate in the drying cylinder.

When the aggregate in the barrel is unloaded, the burner should be turned off and the simplified body idling for about 30 minutes for cooling, thereby minimizing the effects of deformation or linear operation of the machine.

(2) The drying cylinder support ring should be evenly seated on all the supporting rollers.

The bearings are adjusted for wear and misalignment.

(3) Always check the alignment of the cylinder.

Loosen the thrust roller first to check the extent to which the simplified body can move over the length of the slot on the support bracket.

Then start the drying cylinder. If the simplified body moves back and forth, check that all the supporting rollers have been adjusted for straightness.

If the support roller has been adjusted straight and the cylinder gradually approaches the feed end, the thrust roller is temporarily offset back and forth (so that the drying cylinder is at the correct working angle) until the correct adjustment has been achieved.

If the cylinder gradually approaches the discharge end, the thrust roller is adjusted from the opposite direction.

(4) If the roller track is in contact with only one of the two thrust rollers, the gap plates may be filled under the support roller bearings until they are uniformly pressed over the entire width of the support ring surface.

(5) It is specified that the position of the cylinder is held by the thrust roller, but it must not be used to compensate for the misalignment error.

(6) If a chain drive is installed, a small amount of eight lubricants is required.

The method of adjusting the tension of the chain is to adjust it with the adjusting screw on the support.

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