Factors to be considered when selecting dust removal equipment for asphalt mixing plant

18 Jul 2019 09:00

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Asphalt mixing plant will generate a large amount of dust and harmful exhaust gas during construction. In order to reduce the damage caused by these pollutants, relevant dust removal equipment will be deployed for treatment.

At present, two kinds of dust removing devices, which are composed of a cyclone dust collector and a bag filter, are generally used to collect pollutants as much as possible to reduce pollution to meet the national environmental protection regulations.

However, in this process, certain requirements must be met for the selected dust removal equipment.

Especially for the selection of filter materials, because the asphalt mixing plant equipment and the machine bag filter are used after a period of time, the filter material may be damaged due to some reasons, and need to be repaired or replaced.

Therefore, which filter material to choose is a problem worth considering. The usual method is to choose according to the specifications and requirements of the equipment manual or maintenance manual, but it is still not ideal.

Usually, there are many kinds of raw materials used in the filter material to meet different usage requirements. Different raw materials have different characteristics, and the suitable application range or working environment is different.

Therefore, the principle of selecting the asphalt mixing plant and the bag filter is: First, fully understand the physical and chemical properties of the dust-containing gas discharged during the production process, and then carefully analyze the technical properties of different fibers, and make selections. .

When selecting filter media, factors that should be considered are: physical and chemical properties of dust-containing gas, including temperature, humidity, corrosivity, flammability and explosiveness.

The properties of dust-containing gases under different conditions are different and will be affected by many factors. The rain-shoe gas also contains corrosive substances. In comparison, the PTFE fiber called Plastic King has excellent performance. Attributes, but expensive, therefore, in selecting the asphalt mixing plant and the bag filter filter material, it is necessary to grasp the main factors according to the chemical composition of the dust-containing gas, and select the appropriate material.

In addition, according to the size of the dust particles, the filter material of the asphalt mixing station and the bag filter should be selected. This needs to focus on the physical selection of the dust, the correct selection of the material, structure and post-treatment of the filter material. The shape and particle size distribution of the dust are selected.

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