The key role of asphalt mixing plant

12 Jul 2019 09:00

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In the asphalt pavement construction, the asphalt mixing plant plays a key role. The function of the asphalt mixing plant and the operation status of the asphalt mixing plant directly affect the quality of the asphalt mixture. This is related to the quality of all projects and is related to the entire project. progress.

Therefore, the control technology of the asphalt mixing plant at that time was increasingly leading, and the scientific and technological content was increasing. This required the mechanical operators to continuously improve their operational skills, and then they were satisfied with the construction needs, and then ensured the normal operation of the machinery, and demonstrated its due diligence to ensure the quality of the project. Ensure the progress of the project.

Then how to ensure the normal operation of the machinery, and fully demonstrate its due success.

First of all, the operator should be proficient in the structure and operation principle of the mixing station. On this basis, strictly control the details of each production, especially the metering system. Because of the quality of the metering operation, it directly affects the asphalt mixture. Technical indicators.

Regarding the stone metering system, it should be noted
(1) Adhere to each discharge door, and the opening and closing actions are sensitive and agile;
(2) Each discharge port shall be dredged, and there shall be no sediments to ensure that the stone material can flow smoothly and evenly when measuring;
(3) Each discharge door should be closed in time and the seal is outstanding. When the single material is finished, there must be no leakage scene;
(4) Around the weighing hopper, it is necessary to insist on cleaning, no foreign matter, avoiding the fighting, and ensuring that the aggregate is in a completely suspended state at the moment;
(5) Each aggregate load cell, the preload should be balanced, the force should be common, and the induction should be sensitive.

Regarding the powder metering system, the following points should be noted:
(1) Adhere to the dredging of the powder transportation pipeline, and there must be no blockage;
(2) Feeder or valve should be sealed and practiced at the end of measurement; powder should not be leaked;
(3) Frequently remove the dust and dust on the powder measuring bucket to keep it clean;
(4) All measurement systems should be sealed to avoid moisture and agglomeration;
(5) The powder material shall be said to be completely discharged, and there shall be no residual powder inside. The discharge door shall be closed tightly, and no powder shall be leaked during the measurement.

Pay attention to the asphalt measurement system:
(1) Before starting production, the pipeline should be heated to ensure that the asphalt temperature in the system reaches the regular value;
(2) The asphalt spray pipe should be cleaned and unblocked, and some nozzles should not be blocked, otherwise the spray will be uneven, which will affect the mixing and cooperation;
(3) The asphalt spray pump or the open valve should be tightly closed to ensure that there is no dripping after the asphalt spray is finished;
(4) The asphalt metering change valve should be accurate and timely, and the seal should be excellent. The asphalt metering bucket should be strong and sensitive.

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