Asphalt Mixing Station Asphalt Fume Treatment Scheme

09 Jul 2019 09:00

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Asphalt mixing station asphalt flue gas purification system
The asphalt flue gas treatment method and its principle and characteristics, combined with the asphalt flue gas environmental protection plan formulated by the unit actually facing the asphalt flue gas problem.

First, the basic situation
I have a 4000 type asphalt mixing station in the unit mixing plant. When the asphalt mixing station is in daily production, a large amount of asphalt fumes will be emitted from the mixing pot. This kind of flue gas not only has an unpleasant smell, but also contains A large number of compounds harmful to the human body, such as benzopyrene, benzopyrene, carbazole and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are mostly carcinogenic.

Flue gas spills can cause pollution of the surrounding atmosphere and affect the health of workers.

Although the dust-retaining wall is set in the overflow port of the mixing station, the fine dust dust is serious, and the cold belt conveys the dust.

In order to protect the environment, reduce pollution and reduce cost investment, on the basis of fully researching and absorbing the advanced technology of the same industry, combined with the actual situation of asphalt mixing, we are going to install asphalt mixing bag to remove dust from the flue of the mixing pan to the asphalt. The flue gas is processed.

The dust removal efficiency of the bag filter can reach 97%~99%, and the dust-containing gas is purified to the extent of 50mg/Nm3.

Second, the purification program
The main component of asphalt fume is particle size at 0.
1 - 1.
0μm tar fine mist particles, the main task of asphalt flue gas treatment is to treat these tar fine mist particles so that they are not discharged into the air, minimizing the impact on the environment.

In addition, we also investigated the asphalt flue gas treatment, mainly using the air-exhaust dust removal method and the exhaust gas photo-catalytic activated carbon adsorption method.

The method for controlling asphalt flue gas is as follows:
1. Leading dust removal method:
The flue gas flue is installed in the material feeding port and the stone overflow port of the stirring pot, and the dust generated in the production and the dust generated during the discharging are directly taken away by the air blower, and the dust is filtered by the bag to achieve pure discharge.

(Cold belt conveyor drop dust can be set up with a single machine dust removal treatment)
2. UV photo-oxidation and activated carbon waste gas treatment equipment
It is a special treatment and purification equipment for removing organic waste gas and malodorous gas. By using high-energy ultraviolet light beam to illuminate and combine organic (odorous) exhaust gases such as ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, carbon disulfide and styrene, benzene, etc. The molecular chain structure of an organic odor-like gas converts it into a low molecular compound such as CO2, H20, etc.; because the high-energy ultraviolet beam decomposes oxygen molecules in the air to produce active ozone, ozone has a strong oxidation effect on organic matter, Odorous gases and other irritating odors have an immediate effect.

At the same time, the catalytic layer (nano-titanium dioxide) on both sides of the lamp tube generates a highly chemically active superoxide anion and hydroxyl radical when exposed to ultraviolet light, which can degrade the organic matter, effectively decompose toxic and harmful substances in the malodorous gas and deodorize. The effect, after the decomposition of the malodorous gas, can achieve harmless discharge, does not produce secondary pollution, and at the same time achieves the effect of high efficiency disinfection and sterilization, and then discharged to the outside through the exhaust duct;
Third, flue gas dust purification system technology
The entire flue gas treatment unit includes two parts: flue gas collection and flue gas absorption.

In view of the characteristics of asphalt fume and overflow mouth dust generated in the asphalt mixing production process, it is necessary to install a dust collecting hood at the material feeding port of the stirring pan, and the dust collecting hood is semi-closed, which greatly reduces the overflow of the asphalt flue gas.

In addition, after the asphalt material is loaded, some of the flue gas will overflow from the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to make a flue gas hood to extend the dust collector to the front end of the vehicle, and try to recover all the asphalt flue gas.

Air and dust removal and uv photo-catalytic activated carbon method
In the asphalt mixing station, the flue of the asphalt flue gas and dust is installed at the material feeding port, the asphalt flue is connected with the dust removing flue, and the asphalt flue gas is filtered and discharged by the bag dust removal.

1, system design points
First, install a dust cover under the mixing pot to semi-close the lower opening to prevent the smoke and dust from overflowing.

Secondly, the pipeline should be installed in the dust and dust cover of the overflow, and the main component of the asphalt smoke is the particle size of 0.
1 - 1.
0 μm tar fine mist particles.

During the production process, the asphalt flue gas enters the dust removal flue through the pipeline. There is a large amount of dusty gas in the flue. The dust in the dusty gas will be combined with the tar fine mist particles in the asphalt flue gas. Cleared, the cleaning gas is discharged through the induced draft fan.

2, the process
(1) Asphalt smoke and overflow mouth dust cover of the mixing pot under the mixing pot → Bag dust removal → UV photo-oxygen activated carbon waste gas treatment → induced draft fan
(2) Belt conveyor drop dust cover → bag dust removal → induced draft fan
Fourth, the conclusion
Protecting the ecological environment, the fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people, and the long-term interests of the development of the Chinese nation are the undertakings of the present and the future.

Only by deeply realizing that the environment is profoundly influential to the development of the country and the people can we effectively act to protect the environment, and in order to have blue sky, clear water, green hills and green land, and to continuously meet environmental protection requirements, we can promote technological upgrading of enterprises and obtain economic benefits. And a win-win situation for social benefits.

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