Planning and construction of mobile asphalt plant

06 Jul 2019 12:00

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After the location of the asphalt mixing plant is selected, the next step is to develop appropriate planning and construction work.

In general, the site planning for mobile asphalt plants should follow the two requirements of science and rationality.

That is to say, when planning, the utilization and effectiveness of the site should be maximized to meet the requirements of production to the greatest extent.

So, what factors should we consider when planning and building work? First, be sure to choose the location of the asphalt mixing plant.

In general, the location of the asphalt mixing plant of the mobile asphalt plant should meet these requirements: 1. The selected site is relatively solid in geology. 2. The workload of site solidification should be appropriately reduced. 3. If it is required to mix. If the foundation foot is used to construct a cement concrete foundation, it should ensure that the concrete bearing capacity can meet the design requirements.

Secondly, when constructing a mobile asphalt plant, it should be combined with the actual situation to select a suitable stockyard.

Specifically, it is necessary to refer to the variety requirements of different asphalt concrete mixed materials to make a reasonable division of the stockyard.

In the planning process, it must be noted that the requirements of different varieties should be met while meeting the interval requirements.

Moreover, different stacking areas should be properly isolated and marked to avoid stacking chaos and result in work efficiency.

In addition, the foundation of the stockpiling area should be solidified to meet the needs of the work.

Then, at the time of planning, it is also necessary to reasonably plan the route of the raw material transportation vehicle, the route of the finished material transportation vehicle, and the route of production and feeding, as the site conditions permit.

It should be noted that when constructing a mobile asphalt plant, the construction safety should be ensured as much as possible.

Finally, rationally plan the distance between different devices to ensure safe production and ensure the efficiency of work.

When constructing a mobile asphalt plant, we should fully consider these requirements.

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